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Help Find Andy!!

Meet Andy – a sweet 11-year-old male Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has been lost in Connecticut since January 1, 2012.

On New Year’s Eve his family traveled from Massachusetts to visit friends in CT. Andy got spooked by the fireworks and bolted. He has been missing ever since.

The complete story, including more pictures and up-to-date news of sightings in the area are on the blog entitled Bring Andy Home.

If you live in the area, please be on the lookout and do all you can to help find him!


Thomas – On the Road Again Soon – Chapter 7

Thomas has come a LONG way since that first day when he arrived in rescue and got to play in the snow. When he first arrived he weighed quite a bit more, but that sweet happy character came shining through!

Now, with some serious surgery under his belt Thomas continues to do well with recuperation. But he’s got one more round to go. Next week he goes back to Kansas State Veterinary Hospital to have the remaining bit of skin cancer, that they weren’t able to get previously, removed.Currently the plan is for the surgery to be performed on Wednesday, October 12th and for Thomas to be ready to go home on Friday, October 14th. These are dates when the Blog Mistress will be out of town, so I may not be able to post until I return on October 19th.

We know that there are a lot of you out there pulling for Thomas! Please continue to send those good vibes to him and think special thoughts for him next week. I’ll update you on his status as soon as I return!

And remember – saving Thomas wouldn’t have been possible without those wonderful people at CorgiAid! Thank you Angels!

Thomas – In Recovery Mode (Chapter 6)

Here we are on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Thomas was the penultimate Companion Dog this morning, helping with the chores. His recuperation is going well and he’s acting more like himself now that he’s past those first few days since his surgery.

Here you can see that the incision on his throat is healing nicely.

OK, so I get the drill and the measuring tape, but even if I HAD thumbs, I wouldn’t be able to use the sander!

As a reward for working so hard, he spent a little time at the playground too. Yahoo! The slide is my favorite, but I’ll have to wait awhile longer before I’m ready for that ride again!

Feeling well enough to kick up his heels a little!

Certainly there’s nothing wrong with his hearing. He takes in all of the goings-on while at the playground.

All those stitches are starting to itch – a good sign of healing!

Thank you for my outing. This has been a nice day. It is SO good to be home!

Think I’ll take a little nap before dinner. Awww…nothing like a good spot on the couch with some cozy blankets. Sure hope the hair on my backside grows back quickly. It’s a little breezy back there!

Thomas you’re doing a great job with the healing process! You can have as many naps as you like! Best wishes from all of your viewers and your extended rescue fan club here in California!

Thomas’ Trip Home (Chapter 4.1)

Because we now have some nice photos of Thomas’ trip home from the veterinary hospital, we’ll reverse time to show them to you. As you know he’s now back in foster care, where he’s recuperating.

The poor guy is on a boatload of medications, which tend to upset his stomach. As a result, he’s not eating all that well, even with an anti-nausea drug. His foster mom is checking in with the vet and perhaps they’ll have a suggestion.

Otherwise he continues to do well and his recovery is progressing without any surprises. This morning he accompanied his foster mom out into the yard and enjoyed relaxing with her while she did some gardening. All in all, a nice day.

This is what his departure from the veterinary hospital looked like this past Tuesday:

Coming out to the lobby to meet his ride home (foster mom).

This week he has a new veterinary student assigned to his case. She helps with his checkout process.

One last belly check. Whew, much less swollen!Okay Thomas, you’re officially discharged and free to go. (What no wheelchair ride out?)

Hmm…this seems familiar. Hard to believe I’ve been through so much since the last time I posed next to this sign on my way in last week. Bye Bye nice doctors. Thanks for all you did for me! Nothing personal, but I’m so much happier taking the outward bound photo.

OH LOOK…it’s my car! I’d know that scent anywhere. And a nice fresh blanket for the trip. Oh happy day!

Oh thank goodness they came to get me. This is just the BEST! I get to go home now. Did you hear…I’m going HOME! Yea yea, we’re on the way home! Can we leave now, huh? Are we there yet? When will we be there…start the engine!

Thomas – Good News…and Not! (Chapter 5)

Thomas returned to his foster home today. No more hospital kennel! He was pretty happy to see his foster people and enjoyed being out in the grass again. From this view, he looks like a typical corgi.

But from the back…

and the underside – not so much!

His doctors had some good news and bad for us as far as his test results go. The incontinence problem is showing very good signs of improvement and there is good reason to think he may no longer have this issue when he’s completely healed.

The thyroid mass was benign. However, they saw another very small node on the other side of his neck so they will do a followup ultrasound in about three months.

Unfortunately, the mass on his abdomen was a malignant Grade 1 Mast Cell Tumor and it was not completely removed during this surgery. Due to its location it was too close to the abdominal incision for the prostate and they couldn’t take as much as they wanted. Therefore Thomas is looking at yet another surgery so they can remove the rest of it in two to three weeks. At Grade 1 it is easy to deal with, but not so if it is allowed to progress, so it needs to come out now!

Sigh…this is such a sweet dog. Hard to believe all that he’s going through. But had the incontinence issue not presented itself the cancer probably wouldn’t have been found until it was too late. There are reasons for these things after all!

For now, he is delighted to be “home,” and able to sniff the flowers again. He gets his stitches out tomorrow and will have a chance to relax and recover for a bit now.

Again – thanks for all the good wishes. Please keep them coming!

Thomas – Soon to Go Home! (Chapter 4)

Just got a little update on our boy: Recovery continues to go very well for Thomas. Barring any unforeseen issues, he’ll be coming home on Tuesday!

For anyone interested in contributing toward the coverage of Thomas’ medical costs, please do so through CorgiAid, Inc. Click on the link below, and be sure to tell them that this is on behalf of Thomas!


Thomas – Day 2 After Surgery – Chapter 3

Today was day number two after surgery. Our little guy continues to heal very well and has been such a good patient.

The morning report from Thomas’ attending vet student:

Thomas is doing well today. They did blood work and will probably pull the IV and catheter if all looks good. They’re paying special attention to the thyroid results to make sure it is functioning properly. They also checked his abdominal fluid and will pull that drain today if all things are progressing well. They will stop the IV pain meds and put him on oral meds for pain today too. His progress is really good!

His vet again mentioned that Thomas is a complete sweetie. He is an easy patient, very compliant. When they need to check his incisions he just rolls over for them. (But we knew what a little gem he was going in!) Still, it is really nice to hear that his temperament has impressed his medical team! And we’re pretty impressed with them too!

Pictures from today:

Sigh…the E-collar, not a dog’s best friend – but so necessary in this case. 

As of this morning he still had all kinds of tubes attached.

And his belly is packed with gauze.

Ouch! Of course he’s very swollen. Given the multiple procedures, no wonder!

Ahh…this feels better – ice packs for the neck, belly, and pellet-removal incisions.

OK, now this is more like it. By afternoon the drainage tubes and catheter were out. Much more comfortable and out for a little walk with the medical team. Thomas thinks, “Whoa…all this attention just for me!  I LIKE it!”

Seriously, you all came out here just to see me do THIS? (Yup, that’s right!)

Of course, there was some time for petting and attention, which is what Thomas is all about!

This evening’s report from the medical staff:

Thomas continues to do well. The IV catheter and drain tube is out. He is urinating pretty well on his own. Looks promising for a complete recovery, but we won’t know till some of the swelling has gone down. Right now, he’s on track. His thyroid is low/normal so they will keep an eye on that. If he continues to do as well as he has these past couple of days, we’re expecting that Thomas will be able to come “home” to his foster mom on Monday or Tuesday!

Keep those healing vibes coming in! Clearly, they’re helping this great little guy!

BTW, in a previous comment someone asked about donating on behalf of Thomas. As we mentioned previously, the incredible CorgiAid, Inc foundation is paying his medical bills. If you wish to donate to CorgiAid, Inc. on behalf of Thomas, please visit their website to do so. And be sure to indicate that this is in support of Thomas!

We will also look into whether the veterinary hospital will accept donations directly in order to help offset some of Thomas’ costs and post more about it when we see if that is an option!

In the meantime, thank you to all of you who’ve sent well-wishes! We SO appreciate it! (And huge thanks to those who’ve sent the photos! It is great to be able to see what’s happening for those of us who are miles away, but keeping Thomas in our hearts!)

Good night Thomas – we will check on you tomorrow!

The Amazing Story of Thomas the Corgi – Chapter 1

This is an amazing story, about an incredible little Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a dog with more than nine lives!

This is Thomas.

He is a ForPaws Rescue dog, currently in foster care in Kansas. He is about four years old and the sweetest little guy you’d every want to meet!

Thomas came from the local Humane Society shelter in Kansas, where his foster mom went to pick him up in February of this year. When she got him home she quickly found that he was one of the nicest corgis we’ve ever seen in rescue – just a doll!

But someone hadn’t treated Thomas very well. He’d been kept in a crate for up to sixteen hours each day and had reportedly been urinating in the kennel. He had terrible urine burns and a bad secondary skin infection all over his belly and under his front legs. Someone had neglected him terribly!

He was so dirty that it took multiple baths to get him clean.

He was really good about being handled and emerged looking like a “new man,” albeit, one that was carrying around a few extra pounds! An adult male corgi should weigh 25-28 pounds typically. This one weighed 42 pounds upon arrival! Time for a diet as part of his rehab plan.

In addition to being on antibiotics and an antifungal medication for his skin issues, Thomas was also found to have food sensitivities. After some experimentation, a diet was identified that seems to work for him. Needless to say, he started to feel a whole lot better.

He proved to be quite the social little fellow, getting along well with the other dogs in his foster family, as well as a nearby neighbor who just fell in love with him. She was kind enough to foster him for a time when it became apparent that he was going to need to stay in foster care for a longer-than-usual recovery period.

It soon became obvious that the reason that he had such a terrible rash on his stomach was that Thomas was incontinent. When tests showed only minor urinary infection we tried medication. Ultimately, after numerous different medications failed to cure the problem we took the next step. A series of x-rays, with a contrast dye to show the functioning of the kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra was performed. Here are two of the x-rays! You will never guess what we found!

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Holy kibbles ‘n bits…that little white arrow-like object, it is a BB from a pellet gun! That’s right – this poor dog had a BB lodged in him! We were absolutely astonished!

But even after finding this, it wasn’t clear that the BB was the cause of the problem. The local vet said it was time for further diagnostics and that Thomas should really go to a teaching veterinary hospital where he could get specialized diagnostics and care. Ouch…$$$

At this point we were really concerned. We had one of the nicest dogs ever. He’d been in foster care for six months and everyone who met him had fallen in love with him. The idea that we might not be able to afford the care he needed was pretty devastating.

Enter, CorgiAid, Inc!

CorgiAid, Inc. has long been a terrific supporter of ForPaws dogs with special medical needs. This was no exception. They didn’t hesitate to award Thomas a grant to cover his medical expenses and we are beyond grateful to them!

And so…the story continues:

So off we go… Into the car for the ride to KSU.

Here we are!

Of course Thomas was a perfect gentleman in the waiting room.

He makes it look easy! There are times when not being able to understand every thing being planned for you is a good thing. In this case, it was decided that a fluoroscopy would be performed first.

His team of doctors was ready to go to work!

Thomas was also assigned his very own veterinary student, whose job is to monitor him throughout his visit. Can you tell he likes her?

So – today was the big day! The fluoroscopy showed that urine was leaking into his prostate gland so the doctors decided they’d go in surgically to repair it. While they were in there they found a cyst and a hole in his urethra that allowed urine to leak into the prostate. They removed the cyst and closed the hole. The doctor said he’d never seen anything like it before!

Next they went looking for the pellet. This proved to be the most difficult part of the surgery. Ultimately they had to do an ultrasound to find it. But they were able to remove it and didn’t see any holes in the urethra underneath the pellet.

They also found a small mass from Thomas’ abdomen and a mass from his thyroid gland that had been discovered earlier in the diagnostic process. This was incredibly fortunate. Had this whole issue not caused us to pursue the diagnostics, this mass wouldn’t have been found until it had grown much larger and potentially spread to other areas. The doctors think that both masses are benign, but lab tests will be performed to be sure.

All of this happened this morning – after four hours in surgery, our little trooper is resting comfortably. He is in ICU with his dedicated student vet by his side. (Thank you – thank you – thank you to her, and all of the wonderful medical team!)

Thomas will be in ICU for two more days where they will continue to provide care and monitor him closely. This was HUGE surgery. Thomas will remain in the hospital for five to seven more days! We’ve asked his student vet to take some more photos and will post them as we get them.

In the meantime, please join us in thanking the medical staff, CorgiAid, Inc. and most of all Thomas’ two dedicated and loving foster moms who have done so much for him and taken so much of their time to ensure that he got what he needed. Without all of these incredible people, he wouldn’t have made it.

Please send healing thoughts to Thomas while he’s at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Manhattan, Kansas. He’s a pretty smart guy and if you tell him you’re thinking good thoughts for him, he’ll probably hear you!  He did graduate from obedience class, after all!

We will post updates on the blog! Stay tuned!

We love you Thomas! Be well, heal quickly so you can go on to a new and wonderful life!

Here’s Abi! (Last 1-Year Pupper Update)

Adorable Abi! (Abilene) is our sixth, and last, puppy to be featured in honor of her first Birthday!

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

From a sweet puppy to a beautiful young lady, Abi is an outdoors gal! Now living in the beauty of eastern Montana, she and her human dad, her B.F.F., get out and about!  As you can see, this girl loves to have fun – and a little dirt won’t spoil her good time!

Don’t get me wrong. She knows the value of creature comforts too. When she’s inside she has plenty of cozy places to rest, and plenty of time to explore.

And when she’s ready to play, she has plenty of canine companions who will happily honor the invitation!

It helps to have a friend who can double as a snow plow when you’ve got short legs!

The lab is one of Abi’s best buddies and they’re constant companions. When you’re both laying down, it’s easy to see eye-to-eye.

For her birthday Abi was treated to a week of camping and hiking. Beautiful scenery, accompanied by her family and friends with free reign to explore. Does it get any better than this?

Obviously Abi has become an accomplished hiker!

I am not sure what is more beautiful – the incredible countryside, or the happy look on Abi’s face as she poses with her dad?

Abi’s dad says:

Here are some pictures from Abi’s first birthday trip into the mountains with at least one or two of these photos on her actual birthday. We had gone to a forest service lookout tower back in May for 3 nights – but this was her first ~real camping trip. She does get out for little hikes regularly in the badlands near where  we live.  We live in the prairies of eastern Montana so it was nice to get her in the mountains. 

For her birthday I am taking Abi camping with friends from Utah and two dogs in the mountains of southwestern Montana for five nights including her birthday! She will enjoy mountain lakes, short hikes and hopefully camping. She is doing great, is a complete sweetheart to all people, and loves all dogs. I clearly made the right choice. She plays with dogs nearly every day, including a corgi three doors away.

Truly, Abi has a spectacular home! We are so grateful to her dad for giving Abi such a wonderful place to spend her life.


Each of these puppies ended up in a home that any dog would be thrilled to find. And we couldn’t be more thrilled for them! We very seldom see corgi puppies in rescue. The breed is popular and still more rare than many in the U.S. When we do have puppies, there is always a lot of interest. We have only had this situation three times in fourteen years and this is the only litter of purebred corgis to actually be whelped in rescue.

As a result, we tend to screen at least ten applications for every puppy that we place. We try to find the home that is as close to perfect as it can be for each puppy, based on its individual personality. We get a lot of wonderful applicants and making the placement decisions isn’t easy. We spend a lot of time considering what seems best for each puppy.

So when we see these sweet little puppies grown into beautiful big dogs, each clearly so well-situated…well, that’s why we spend the hours. It’s all worth it when we get pictures like this:

Abi, with her little pink blanket, and the perfect pillow!

Thank you everyone for a VERY good year! 

(And many more to come!)

Saying Goodbye to Glendi (Sophie)

Now that ForPaws Corgi Rescue has been in existence for almost 15 years, some of the dogs that we placed in the early years are making their way across the Rainbow Bridge (sniff).

Last week I received a message from Pamela, a lovely woman who adopted “Glendi” (renamed Sophie) in 2000. This sweet dog had not had the greatest life until she found Pamela. For the next eleven years they would travel together – steadfast companions throughout the changing chapters of life. They found one another at a time when it was meant to be, but on June 6, 2011 it was time to say goodbye. Pam writes:

Good Morning ForPaws,

I wondered how I could memorialize Glendi? We adopted her from you in 2000. We called her Sophie. She brought 11 years of joy to our family. We send her off to doggy heaven on June 6, 2011 due to cancer. Our hearts are heavy, she has left a large hole and we miss her terribly. Please tell me how to post a memorial.

Thank you so much.


Sweet Sophie – travel safely over the Rainbow Bridge. Go with dignity and grace. We will never forget the many gifts you brought into the lives of those who loved you and you will live forever in our hearts!


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