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This Week’s Activity: Healing Body & Soul

This evening I received an update from the Cast Away Rescue’s Foster Person, “K.D.” She said:

The Cast Aways are enjoying the down time to rest and heal. Not just their external hurts, surgery etc. but their hearts, minds and souls.  They like their new individual runs (dens) as their own and not having to share everything.  They also like being clean.

Charlie is like a puppy with his inquisitive nature. He gets into everything if I give him half a chance.  Then he races around and chases back and forth when he comes inside for the night.  I attempt to catch him like a game but let him make a few passes running past me before I finally catch him. (Hmm…could this be an agility dog in the making?)

Kelly is the most mellow.  He is sweet, friendly, outgoing, and has kissed my fingers and cheek. Tonight he rolled on the grass about half a dozen times.  When I asked him “what are you doing Kelly?  You goofy dog!” He got up and just looked at me, like “What do you mean? or who me??”  He is So cute.

Wilson is the surprise as he keeps changing daily.  Mr Wilson as I call him.  Sometimes gruff with the others as they are being taken in or out, he has “words” for them.  I think he is trying to tell them he is in charge, but not sure. I do tell him that he needs to knock it off or stop and he does!!
When I go to his pen and want to bring him in, he is starting to play. Bouncing up and down, runing around, me acting like I am chasing him, bent over, butt in the air, hands closer to the ground and he is so happy.  He even runs between my legs from behind.  Since he is such a chunck I try NOT to pick him up anymore than I have to. I have not tried the “On the back thing yet”.

Nolan is the quietest one.  Although this morning, he spoke his mind to Tramp (the cat).  He did not enjoy having Tramp meowing at him.  Tramp just sat in the corner of the kitty run and stared at Nolans food. I did not realize at first that they could see each other.  Nolan definitely told Tramp to back off because it was his food.  Tramp however felt that since the dogs were in his “Former” extended kitty fun and run area, why shouldn’t he share that good smelling chicken dog food!

You all take care and stay tuned for more.  They love the outside runs and enjoy just laying on the grass or ground and watching and listening to everything around them.  I am sure it is just a “TAD” overwhelming!

Thanks K.D. You’re doing an awesome job with these nice boys. They’re obviously becoming much more relaxed and are starting to show us who they really are. Sounds like more fun than a Barrel of Corgis!