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Busy Boy Takes a Pause (Whew!)

Sage is a busy little fellow. He’s always got a smile on his face and is extremely curious and ready to play. Even while the other two dogs nap, he’s often awake, roaming around looking for something to do. So views like this have become more rare, now that he’s older.

Even when he does nap, any small move from one of us has him up in a moment, ready to investigate. And, as a somewhat velcro guy, he never wants to be too far away.
Friday night is usually a relaxing evening for us. With activities on most other nights of the week, this is our night to veg a bit. After a couple of hours of playing with toys, terrorizing his sisters, and getting me to play with him, Sage took the opportunity to curl up with Dad in front of the TV.

Enjoy the slumber while it lasts. Sage is another one of those dogs that watches TV. When another dog appears, or even just barks, he’s all over the TV, trying to find the intruder behind the screen, running to the front door, which is where it must have come in!
A ring of the TV doorbell has a similar effect. He’s also interested in some of the dishes shown on Food TV. I guess it depends what they’re making that day!
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