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Kayla – Lost Cardigan Female in Poulsbo, Washington – UPDATED 9/29/09

This pretty girl, Kayla, was bred by the same breeders that gave us Denali and Sage. She got out of her owner’s yard on Friday, 9/25/09 when the gate was accidentally left ajar. She lives in Poulsbo, WA.

Scroll down for a complete description of Kayla and contact information for her owner.

UPDATE: 9/29/09

Kayla’s home is on Dozer Lane, just off of Hwy. 3 and Scenic Dr., two miles south of Hood Canal Bridge in Poulsbo, WA. It appears that Kayla has traveled several miles northeast and may now be establishing a territory.

She was last seen on Monday evening (9/28/09) by a resident located northeast of Salisbury Hill Place NE*, Poulsbo, WA. This is several miles northeast of her home, just to the east of Hood Canal Bridge. This is the second time Kayla has been seen in this area.

*Note: This street doesn’t show come up on Google Maps, but if you Google “Salisbury Point Park, Poulsbo, WA” on Google Maps, you’ll see Salisbury Hill Place NE, where Kayla is thought to be, southeast of the park and just across Hwy 104.

Here’s a map, showing the location of the last sighting, and anticipated movement, if she continues on the path she’s been traveling:

click image to enlarge

More info. below!
(scroll down)

CH C-Myste Kahlua ‘n Cream (Kayla)

Kayla accidentally got out of her owner’s yard in Poulsbo, Washington – (Puget Sound area, north of Bremerton). She does have an AVID microchip.

Anyone with information on this dog should immediately call her owner:

360-271-6622 (cell), or 360-697-1885 (home)

You may also e-mail: Kathy@ForPaws.org


Call name: Kayla
Breed: purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Gender: Female – spayed
Age: Approximately 4-1/2 years
Coloring: Dark brown brindle** with white markings on her face, chest and legs
(**Note: Her dark brindle might appear to be black in heavily shaded areas.)
Weight: 32-34 pounds
Microchip: Kayla has an AVID microchip, registered to her owner and breeder.

Special note: Kayla had a litter of puppies about three months ago. She had a c-section, so her belly was shaved. She may be blowing coat now.

More pictures and information about Kayla can be seen here, on her breeder’s blog.

Very important – if you see this dog do not chase her. She is friendly, but reserved. It is best to kneel down and call her. If you see her, but are unable to get her to come to you, please call the owner and report the location of the sighting at once! Timing is critical. If you’re able to lure her, using food, to a contained area, that would be the best thing. If she can be contained in a gated area, a garage, etc. then her owner can be contacted to come and get her. Anyone in the area that might be able to help look for Kayla, your help is appreciated!


Help is really needed, as Kayla has entered a heavily forested area, located a few miles northeast of her home. Finding a dog in this terrain requires people who are willing to help search on foot. If you’re willing to help, please e-mail: Kathy@ForPaws.org. Please include your name and telephone number.

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