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Wonderful news…as of this evening, Kayla was found and is now home safely with her owner!

She had traveled about 5 miles from home, hit the beachfront and could go no further. She doubled back toward her home, but instead of continuing toward it, chose to start crossing over the Hood Canal Bridge…yikes…scary! She had about twenty cars all stopped on the bridge before she was safely picked up. Obviously it was not her time! Kayla definitely had a guardian angel looking out after her tonight!

Fortunately, a couple picked her up on the bridge and took her to a nearby PetCo store. Thankfully, Kayla’s owner had thought to put a poster up at the store and they called her.
Speaking for myself, and all the others that know and love Kayla…I am SO relieved and happy to hear that she is home.
Also…MANY MANY thanks go to Kayla’s owner, Liz, who has spent all of her time since Kayla’s disappearance, looking for her, as well as some wonderful local people who really chipped in and put forth an amazing amount of time and effort to help search!
Congratulations to you all. Kayla is home, she is hungry, thirsty, but not injured in any way. She is a VERY LUCKY girl!
Happy Homecoming Kayla!
Remember, we all love you!

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