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Pupper Update #3 – He’s Gone! (Sniff!)

With heavy heart and tearful eyes, I must report that Atticus is gone.

I know he was only five days old, but we’re terribly brokenhearted. We wish him a better life on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

In response to a prior comment, he was also being tube fed and had been given subQ fluids. He was being cared for by an experienced breeder, and had been since day #2 when we saw that he wasn’t thriving. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. Evidently it was not his time.

Farewell Atticus.
Be well on the other side.
We miss you.
We love you.


Pupper Update #2 – We have Names!

In the beginning, when a stuffie toy is bigger than you are!
I just talked to the foster person, Denise, who whelped these puppies and is raising them, with help from her experienced friend, Shannon (Huge thanks to you both!). 
We are very concerned about the little male, puppy #4. He’s really struggling and the next 24 hours will probably tell us if he’ll make it or not. Please keep sending those good wishes!
Regardless of the outcome for our little guy, we felt it was high time that all of them had names. We’ve given our valiant little puppy #4 a strong, heroic name, which he so deserves. He will be Atticus (from To Kill a Mockingbird).
Here are the names for the “Kansas Litter.”
Puppy #1 – male, “Lucas”
Puppy #2 – female, “Abilene” (Abi for short)
Puppy #3 – male, “Dodge”
Puppy #4 – male, “Atticus”
Puppy #5 – female, “Viola” (Vi for short)
Puppy #6 – female, “Kismet”
Puppy #7 – male, “Logan”

Pupper Update #1 – Morgan Litter

Pile o’ Puppies – Day #4

Morgan is doing well and proving to be a great mother.
The Puppy Pile
As you can see, there is some real disparity in size between some of these puppies. We have three that are decidedly smaller than the other four.  The two little girls and one little boy have been on supplemental feedings to help them keep up their strength and gain weight. They seem to be coming along, but these first days are critical – they’re just so helpless at this point.
What about those tails? OK, we know that the U.S. breed standard says that this is a breed in which the tails are docked, although this is no longer done in the U.K.  But these are never going to be show dogs and the three little ones were weak enough that we just couldn’t take the chance of stressing them with unnecessary surgery on day #3 when tail docking is done.  
Therefore, we will have a mixed bag with this litter. Four had their tails docked, three will keep their full tails.  Based on our previous experience in placing Pembrokes with full tails, there will be adopters out there who will be absolutely thrilled to have a dog with a full tail.  Believe me, we will have no trouble finding homes for them – and their tails!
Here’s the smallest male, Puppy #4, getting some extra nourishment. 
Please send good wishes, prayers…any and all. He can really use the help!
Even the “big” ones are still pretty teeny. 
Here is one of the biggest males, Puppy #1.
Puppy #2. One of the two small girls with a tail.
And this other “big guy” is puppy #3.
Puppy #5 – a nice big girl!
Puppy #6 – the other small girl.
Puppy #7 – a robust male.
Next to do: Figure out some names for these pups. Stay tuned to see what their puppy names will be. Our theme: Cities and Towns in Kansas.