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Pupper Update #5 – Bedtime Snack for the Girls

Late night photos – these just in from Denise!
The little girls, Abi and Kismet, are getting a bedtime snack, without competition from their larger siblings. And they definitely think it’s a great idea! 
A private milk bar, that stays open late! Awesome, we’ll be coming here after hours more often!

Pupper Update #4 – All Doing Well!

Morgan & Family –  taken July 31, 2010
Update: The two little girls, Abi #2 and Kismet #6, appear to have turned the corner. They are gaining weight and looking like roly poly newborns ought to look…whew! We’re so happy about that!
Morgan appears very proud of her little family.

Awww…mom keeping them company.

Here’s a weight chart so you can see their progress. As you see, #2, #4 and #6 were pretty small in the beginning and weren’t gaining the way they should have for those first few days after they were born on July 25. We were concerned about all three. 
Fortunately, Denise (foster mom) is a veterinary assistant, her neighbor, Shannon, an experienced midwife and veterinary technician. They whelped the puppies and took special care of the little ones. And the vet that Denise works for took a look at them too. We put the little ones on tube feedings and subQ fluids. Happily the two little girls, Abi and Kismet responded and continue to thrive. Unfortunately, Atticus, #4, just didn’t have the strength to continue. 
We made sure we had a good support system when we accepted a pregnant female into rescue, did a lot of research so we were as prepared as possible for complications.  While we’re certainly disappointed over the loss of Atticus, we are thankful that the others responded and we have six healthy puppies, all of whom are doing well at this point. They still look like little guinea pigs, but are definitely getting bigger. Take a look!

#1 – Lucas, male

#2 – Abilene (Abi), small female

#3 – Dodge, male

#5 – Viola, female

#6 – Kismet, small female

#7 – Logan, male