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Denali does it Again! (Note to Sage)

This morning my newly-crowned RAE Dog took to the Rally Ring again to take her first RAE-2 leg. Today she brought home the red ribbon in EX-B instead of the white one. Not bad for a rusty team that hasn’t been training for a month due to her toe injury.
(Side note: We got to see Cappy’s dad, Trenton, and Sage’s sister, Greta, this morning too! Greta looks a LOT like Sage, in a different colored suit! She’s VERY cute! It was cool to see them both and we look forward to the opportunity again in a couple weeks at the Vallejo shows!)
Sage has been training in obedience and informally working on some Rally moves since he was just teeny. He hasn’t seen any ring action yet due to his uber-excitability around other dogs. But he’s definitely growing up and building confidence in his Advanced obedience class right now. At some point he’ll be ready to Rally. 
Just so he knows what to look forward to, I let Sage examine Denali’s ribbons from this morning’s show.
First the sniff – “Hmmm…it’s not fruit!”
“And it doesn’t bounce or try to run away.”
Awards? Really? 
“Well yea…I can sit, down, call front…Oh, you want it all in a row and I have to pay attention the whole time! Are you sure there’s nothing that bounces or rolls in it for me?”

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