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Sage – Year 2 in Pictures (Happy Birthday!)

Happy Birthday Sage – and all members of 
the Oct. 21, 2008 Tree Litter!

Got fruit?
One of the things we learned about Sage during his second year with us was just HOW much he loves fruit! He will take it over anything else – even fresh meat! Accordingly, this year’s “cake” will be a fruit plate (photos to come).

Looking at the year in pictures:
Starting with last years birthday celebration and a giant meat cake shared with two of his littermates, Cappy and Fig, and their guests!

Some of the party guests
Sage finally got his coat!
He shares Denali’s toy fixation
In fact he shares a lot of things with Denali. 
They’ve become very strongly bonded.
Enjoying a morning sunbath has become routine.
Still very much the goofy puppy, 
Sage will make a toy out of anything.
Or anyone!
Or any slipper…as long as it is Moe’s!
This is the SWEETEST little boy!
Everyone enjoyed posing for the Valentine’s Day shot (NOT!).
Sage is allowed on our bed and one sofa. 
Most mornings he’s here, waiting while I take a shower.
Like any good dog, he loves his chew bones. 
I am happy that he likes them more than my furniture now!
Did I say sweet?
in crime? 
(“She’s never gonna feed us again Denali!” 
“Watch and learn Sage. Just keep staring like this. It always works!”)
Goofy puppy!
The best toys bounce and 
Walking on the beach to benefit the 
Multiple Myeloma Foundation.
And just because!
Certainly not a show dog – but so handsome!
Sage as product model as the weather turns warmer.
Paws it Forward – a box for us!
Just what I wanted! (How did Janet know?)
Postal inspector sends his brother, Fig, a box 
and Paws it Forward continues.
It was Sage’s idea to make this cup for Fig’s mom, Alden. 
It shows a photo of her puppy, Watson, along with his dad, 
Chase, and brother Holmes.
Unfortunately, we also thought it was Sage’s idea to eat the other half of this button.
So he got some bread to, uhh…help the process.
(Never did find the button.)
From the beginning, Sage has been our most oral dog. 
As a puppy he ate everything: our sofa, 
various plastic items, woven baskets, 
and a huge favorite, giant dirt clods.
A common sight, post FRAP.
Everything is a toy!
Yep, Fruit Dog!
One of my many favorite things about Sage, 
his always-happy smiling face. 
Now he’s two, but he’ll always be our sweet puppy!
(We love you to pieces!)
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