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Elbee Needs your Help!

Early this morning at 2:30AM Sage’s barking awakened me. He was barking at Elbee because something about her didn’t seem right. She’d evidently had some sort of seizure. She wasn’t responsive when I first got to her and was hyperventilating badly, which was what caused Sage’s reaction. (Thanks to the Grandma Phoebe gene, he will bark at anything that seems out of place or unusual. In this case he may have saved Elbee’s life by doing so.) She seemed to come around slightly after a few minutes, but still couldn’t stand up and clearly wasn’t right.

We took her to the Veterinary Specialists Emergency facility where they gave her IV fluids, as she was very dehydrated. They’ve run a blood panel which shows slightly elevated liver and kidney values. By 7:00AM this morning Elbee had responded and was more alert, able to stand, and was sitting up and looking around.

At 8:00AM she was transferred to the Veterinary Medical Specialists where one of the specialist vets examined her. I am waiting to hear from them regarding what’s next. Elbee’s birthday is January 12. If she makes it to 2011 she will be 13 years old.

Please send all the good wishes that you can. Elbee can really use them right now!

UPDATE: 9:30AM – Just talked to the vet attending Elbee. As expected, there are a number of things that could cause this and she had some other issues prior to this episode, so some additional tests are in order. They’ll do an ultrasound to look at her organs, further examination of her urine, as she is spilling protein and glucose in her urine, and monitor blood pressure throughout the day. As of now she is alert, can stand, walk, is still a little wobbly on the one side, but is vastly improved. She seems to have come out of this episode very well. Now the issue is to figure out what caused it and where we go from here. If she continues to hold steady she can come home late this afternoon.

Please keep the good wishes coming!