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Elbee is doing MUCH better. She recovered completely from the seizure and has all of her motor skills intact. This is one tough little dog, as we’ve seen multiple times in the past.

We were able to bring her home yesterday evening. She was very happy to be home, sleep in her own bed and hang with the pack again. Both of her pack members she raised from puppies. Seems only fitting that they take care of her now. Her appetite is back, she is on some new meds, and her energy level is back to normal. She’s back to following me everywhere again.

The bad news is that yesterday’s ultrasound confirmed that there are some significant irregularities with her left kidney. We recently treated her for a suspected UTI, but this didn’t eradicate all of her symptoms. The specialists did some tests yesterday and we will get results today. I also have to take her in for another blood test today. We suspect that chemical issues, stemming from her kidney problems, may have been responsible for her seizure.

Mentally, I am prepared for the fact that my almost-13-year-old-dog (yes, I miscalculated yesterday – she will be 13 on January 12 if she makes it) may be going into renal failure. Emotionally…well, I’m certainly not ready to lose her.

I’ll post more updates after this afternoon’s meeting with the specialist and receipt of test results. Thanks to all of those who sent their good thoughts yesterday. It means a lot to know you’re out there. Please keep it up. My sweet little girl needs all the help she can get!

Meanwhile, Sage continues to hang with his buddy and work on a bone while Elbee occupies her favorite spot on the landing, allowing her to observe her Queendom below.