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Saying Goodbye to Elbee

Yesterday afternoon saw the close of the chapter on Elbee’s time with us, a period just short of 12 years. Although we’ve been through this once before, I’d blocked out just how devastating it is to say goodbye to a beloved companion. Surely no animal ever gave more love than Elbee. She has her grip securely locked on my heart. She spent her last hours in my lap while Moe and I petted and talked to her.

Sadly, she’d had another seizure about an hour before we got there, so she was somewhat sedated on valium and was really only a shadow of her real self. In some ways that did make the decision easier. If she’d been perky and alert I would have been even more distressed – though that is hard to imagine.

Elbee had been with the Veterinary Medical Specialists in critical care for the past couple of days while we determined that her kidneys were shutting down, causing severe electrolyte imbalances which spurred repeated seizures. The VMS folks were wonderful, allowing us private time to visit. Due to her sedation, I wasn’t sure if she knew where she was, then she kissed my hand. She did.

Because she’s been so ill, her diet has been restricted. As a special treat we brought fresh cooked hamburger. She dove into the bowl in true Elbee fashion and gobbled it down.

Finishing with a bit of peanut butter, another long-time favorite.

Though she was wobbly on her feet, we let her have a little walk outside. The afternoon light was low, bringing out her beautiful coat colors.

Even as a senior dog, she kept her luxurious coat and gorgeous red head to the end.

Resting in my lap, with the two people who loved her best, she said Goodbye.

I found this photo of a rainbow over “Denali” Highway in Alaska. I like to think that it looks something like Elbee’s trip over Rainbow Bridge. She would like that it is Denali’s Highway. In her younger years Elbee was Denali’s constant playmate, raising Denali from a puppy and showing her the ropes.

Over the years Elbee has communicated with me. I often knew what she was thinking and I would catch her studying me intently seemingly to discern my thoughts. Once in awhile I would actually get a very succinct flash of words being spoken from her. She didn’t say a lot, but when she did her message was always to-the-point.

This morning, as I was deep in grief and trying to tell her how much more I wished I could have done for her I got this message, “My life was perfect. I was happy.”

Elbee, you were perfect and you made us very happy. We will always love you. Travel well and in peace. Trust in Bart to guide you.

Farewell to you sweet Elbee.

Bridgecreeks Little Bit, CGC (Elbee)

January 12, 1998 – Dec. 29, 2010

The Most Beautiful Little Pembroke in the World