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Cardigan Specialty in So. Cal. – Great time!

A show chock-full-o Cardigan Welsh Corgis – does it get any better than this? All the colors, all the happy faces, lots of kisses and snuggly moments.

What fun to see old friends and meet new ones! Denali and I had a blast at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Specialty in Southern California on Friday.

Of course it helped that we had very little competition in Rally, easily allowing Denali to capture blue ribbons in the Excellent and Advanced B classes for her 9th leg toward her RAE2. There were prizes to go with the ribbons, so we brought home two new stainless water buckets too, as well as our Exhibitor Bag full of goodies.

The obedience judge was wonderful – one of my favorites. We’ve shown under her before and she remembered us.

One of our longest-known Cardi friends was there, Traci, with Denali’s litter brother, Dakota. At age seven ‘Kota just qualified to show in Veterans. I must say it made my heart sink to see him enter the ring, all bright and happy and hear someone say, “Here’s all the old dogs.” At age seven I don’t like to think of Denali and Dakota as “old.” But as soon as everyone started to clap, Dakota lit up like a Christmas tree. He was so thrilled to have everyone clapping for him. I love this photo – it is a wonderful moment between this dog and the person who loves him more than one can imagine.

Traci’s other handsome boy, “Mister Chancey Pants,” as she calls him, made his appearance too. Again, many nice moments between dog and handler, but I’ll send Traci the pictures and she can decide what to share on her blog.

And in the Rally Novice competition, Sage’s lovely Aunt Sedona racked up her First Place Finish, and a bucket of her own. She was obviously more interested in what might be in the bucket as Traci tried to pose her for an informal “win” photo.

But Sedona had her own idea of how to celebrate and began rolling and laughing, making her own party, while Traci said, “Oh, I give up!”

Sedona prevailed and got Traci to join the Cardi Party – complete with belly rubs.

At the end of the day, my own little Rally Dog was tired. She is such a good travel dog – so easy. Yea, OK, she is on the bed, but that’s what our special blankets are for. (And no – she doesn’t get to jump up &  down on her own.)

The trip home reminded my, once again, of the beauty of California. Cruising through the Angeles National Forest, the mountains were simply gorgeous. The sky really was that blue! A great trip, and a wonderful time at the Specialty!

If you didn’t come…you should next year!

Going to the So. Cal. Cardi Specialty!

On Friday, January 28th Denali and I will be attending our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi Specialty in Southern California. We’re very excited!

We will show in Rally and get to hang out with Traci and Denali’s brother, Dakota, as well as Chance and lovely Sedona, whom I’ve never met! Should be really fun!

If you’re there, look for me. I’ll be attached to the fluffy black and white Cardigan in the Rally Ring! (Yes, Sherilyn – I’ll find you!)

Bath Day

No one really asked my opinion. Suddenly I was in the sink and all wet. I thought maybe if I stuck my ears out the water would run off better.

Whew! Into the dry towel. Things are looking up.

Post hair dryer treatment. Mr. Fuzz emerges.

Corgi Line Up for Rally!

This weekend Denali was entered in two Rally trials, one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday morning. The first thing we saw when we arrived on Saturday was this great license plate – on an Element, naturally!

The next thing we saw was that this Rally trial was to be seriously dominated by the corgi lineup! We’ve never had more than two other corgis in a trial with us and typically they’re not cardigans. (Denali does have a crush on Charlie, Barbara Miller’s sweet fellow however!) Check out the scoresheet. All weekend the two cardigans ended up within one point of each other. Yesterday Denali had the edge, today it was flipped. And perhaps with good reason – they’re both C-Myste dogs!

To my surprise the handsome brindle fellow with the big smile was Sage’s Uncle Galen (CH-C-MysteBaledwr G’Day Terratote RE HT CDX). He made the trip all the way from Lodi, CA to get his RE title this weekend and it was a treat to see him!

Here’s Galen with his mom.

Denali captured legs #7 and #8 in her quest toward the RAE2, scoring in the 90’s in all classes, but just missing out on placements. Overall, I was very pleased with her, particularly after having had her tooth pulled on Tuesday. She recovered quickly and hasn’t seemed bothered by it.

In true Denali fashion, she did cause a bit of a stir when she got out of her crate (I’d neglected to zip it all the way up after giving her a drink.), scampered around the edge of the ring, through the cafe area, and right up to me where she promptly brushed my leg to let me know of her arrival.

I was on the other side of the ring talking to another one of the corgi folks. From her crate so she covered a lot of ground very quickly, with two of my rally friends in hot pursuit, as well as one of the ring stewards. But I didn’t see any of that. When I looked down to see what had just brushed my leg, I saw this black blur, then her happy face announcing just how pleased she was to have found me.

Just as I realized that it was my dog, the stressed out ring steward caught up to us. Panting a bit she said, “Do you know whose dog this is?” Uhh, yes… it’s mine! Just then my friend showed up with Denali’s leash and she was escorted back to her crate. I popped her back in and she immediately turned around and plopped down with her back to the me, clearly displeased to have lost her freedom. That’s Denali for you – I just love that dog!

Dog Sledding Redefined

Someone sent me this video of two dogs “sledding” in the snow. Even though they’re not corgis, it is still pretty amusing!

Kissy Dog

Sage gives kisses for everything! “Oh boy, you’re home,” smack. “Wow, you’re sitting on the floor tying your shoes,” slurp. “Can I see your face…come closer…”

The joy of having such a sweet little boy – how lucky are we!

Tooth Fairy Been and Gone

Denali had her cracked tooth removed today. Naturally, it was perfectly healthy – just cracked three different ways. She never does anything half way! We’re happy to have her home and she was very happy to have had dinner!