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A Wonderful Memory of Elbee & Kenai

For Christmas in December 1999 Moe gave me a cool pen that wrote in purple metallic ink, along with a memo tablet of dark purple sticky notes. To try it out, I took the pen and wrote “Wow!” The dogs were eagerly watching as we opened the little things in our stockings, so Elbee and Kenai were right there. Moe took the pen and hastily sketched them.

It took but a moment, but he captured them perfectly. Kenai happily dancing with her long tongue and happy smile, and Elbee, studying her intently in her quizzical little way, wearing that serious expression we would come to know so well.

From that day forward the sticky note has been in Elbee’s folder, along with all of her other important papers. It will forever be one of my most cherished possessions. Seeing this always reminds me of the days when they were both young, vibrant, and such fond friends.

Thank you Moe for chronicling such a beautiful memory of our beloved companions.

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