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Opinions Wanted: Pet Insurance?

Hi All:

I had a recent ForPaws adopter ask me about pet insurance, which I honestly do not know a lot about. I am curious to hear from anyone who has Pet Insurance regarding whether you feel it has been worth the investment?

Also, please tell us which company holds your policy and whether you’d recommend that particular company or not.




6 Responses

  1. Definitely not worth it. I always tell people to put the money that you would spend on pet insurance ($30-$50/month) into a separate account just for vet visits. I thought so before, but even more now after hearing the same thoughts from pet insurance representatives presenting at my school.

  2. I’m going to agree with Sam. When I add up what I spend in a period of time for a number of dogs and then divide it out, I’m better just to pay the bills when they come up.

    Many or most vets accept credit cards if the concern is about paying a large unexpected bill.

  3. I used the insurance plan offered through the AKC when you register your new puppy. AKC gave 2 free months. I used it then and it was helpful. I continued on with their highest package in order to cover Jimmy’s neuter, shots, etc. That year I almost broke even….The premium goes up every year. Last year it was at 68 bucks a month and definitely cost more than if I’d just paid for the visits myself. This year’s renewal made a huge jump to 89 bucks a month! Yikes! Needless to say, I cancelled, telling them the cost was way to high to be affordable. For what it’s worth, their customer service was satisfactory and they did pay out on time w/o any arguments, although they did deduct when they felt my vet charged too much for a service. They covered flea and tick, heartworm, vaccines, teeth cleaning, any needed treatments for illness, worming, etc.

  4. Rescues especially have an issue with most pet insurance claims as the dog’s full history is not often known.

  5. I discussed insurance with my vet, especially after all that Axel went through (daily Sub Q fluids that ran a few hundred dollars a month). He said that “for me” insurance wasn’t worth the money (he’s a great vet). No, he cannot predict a catastrophic event/disease,but he knows I DO have very well bred dogs, and a conscientious breeder(s) who can provide me with generations worth of health/genetic data.

    Aside from neutering and yearly vaccinations, my vet bills are minimal. I buy my heart worm/flea meds on line.

  6. I agree with setting up a separate account for pet needs in general. Another option if your vet will use it is CareCredit. It’s interest free if paid within a few months and can help you absorb more expensive surprises. It also works with dental and some other things for humans but I only need to use it for my pets. I used it for a c-section and most recently for Karma’s x-rays and exam.

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