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Ouch! Tooth Fairy is Coming

Today I discovered that Denali has a badly broken molar on the upper left side of her mouth. The bottom half of the tooth is gone and I can see the root…ouch! It appears to be a slab fracture. She’s shown no sign of being in pain but her oddly-smelling breath caused me to investigate. Especially after having recently brushed her teeth.

We visit the vet in a little while. Guess who is having her tooth pulled tomorrow? She has three days to recover before she’s due to compete in back-to-back Rally shows on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Always before a show…but a pain-free, healthy dog trumps any show opportunity.

Knowing Denali, she’ll be her usual spunky self on Saturday afternoon – ready to go anywhere at any time! Now I am really glad I elected not to enter the morning and afternoon show on Saturday.


3 Responses

  1. Poor Denali! Hope she feels better fast! Wilson has had that same molar pulled…on BOTH sides! The vet dentist said it’s a very common problem in corgis.

  2. My Bridger had to have that tooth removed as well. The vet went in from the side of the gum and detached the root, then pulled the tooth. His recovery time was much reduced over the traditional method. Apparently, that big molar has three roots that go in different directions and can be a very painful surgery/recovery. Bridger had very little pain and an easy recovery. You might ask your vet about it; might make a show possible sooner rather than later.

  3. Interesting to hear that Denali isn’t the only one with issues with these upper molars. Several years ago I discovered that the one on the other side was a “dead tooth” one day as I was brushing her teeth. It had to be removed at that point and her recovery was pretty easy as I recall. I’ve already started her on some pain meds so she will have them in her system.

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