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Today’s transport was cancelled

When our transporter had already traveled approximately half way to the shelter (a 3.5 hour trip) we were contacted and told that emergencies in the vicinity demanded that the Animal Control Officer assigned to this case abandon the plan to pick up the corgis today. We are told that this will be rescheduled for a day next week. We do not yet know what that day will be and we can’t predict when the pickup will actually take place.

About Adoption

As of now, we’ve already received multiple inquires asking about adoption. We will not be able to respond to these immediately, but will hold them until the time is right. We will not be placing any of these dogs for at least two weeks from the time they arrive, generally three is better, so that we can provide any needed veterinary care and throughly evaluate their temperaments.

Anyone interested in the possibility of being considered should submit an application by visiting the ForPaws Corgi Rescue website. Click on “how to adopt” on the home page for full details and access to the online application. Please put “Tulare Corgi” in as the dog you are requesting so that your application will quickly be identified as one for this group of dogs.

Ideal homes for these dogs will have the following qualifications:

1. Prior experience owning a corgi, or someone who has done very thorough research into the breed and clearly understands the socialization and training requirements involved (we will ask questions). For more about corgis, visit our Learn More section and see the articles listed.

2. An owner who plans to work with the dog to train it in basic obedience commands.

2. A home in which there are no children younger than mid-teen years (living or frequently visiting).

3. A secure fenced yard.

4. No more than two other dogs in residence, ideally not huge in size.

As a general rule, those who meet the above qualifications will be given precedence in our processing of applications. We will require references.

Application Responses – PLEASE BE PATIENT!

Understand that we will have our hands full for the first 1-2 weeks just getting the dogs properly vetted and starting to evaluate them. We’ve been told that they are shy and will require some socialization. Until we have had a couple of weeks, minimum, to observe these dogs we will not even begin to consider what type of home might be right for them.

Please give us some time to process these dogs properly without sending multiple e-mail messages regarding inquiries. We will be exchanging a lot of information with our rescue colleagues at this time and we all have regular jobs and other obligations, so our time to respond to e-mails is limited.

When the time is right qualified applicants will be contacted

We know you are anxious and we do want to carefully screen all qualified adopters, but we will not have the ability to respond to adoption inquiries until we have more information about the dogs. At this time we do not know how old these dogs will be, nor do we know the genders. We have not seen a picture of them.

In the interim, the best thing you can do is to follow the links above and submit an application if you are seriously interested in adopting a corgi.

We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescue corgi and look forward to talking with you when we have more to tell you about these dogs. In the interest of efficiency, I will be posting updates on this situation here on the blog. Rather than e-mailing, please check back here for more information.

Thanks very much for your consideration.

ForPaws Corgi Rescue

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