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Once a Puppy…

The other day I was bemoaning the fact that my “puppy” is growing up. Sage is almost 2-1/2 now – where did the time go?  I was actually even thinking that he might be at the point where he could be trusted loose in the house while I am away.

Think again!

This evening I was outside for a few minutes – not more than ten. Upon return, this is the sight that greeted me!

Actually, the very first thing I saw was Sage sitting in this position chewing a gob of TP. I removed it, told him to “stay” and ran for the camera. Content with his prize, he showed no sign of leaving.

Now he’s just confused…why is she taking my picture? What’s going on?

So, can I eat some more or what?

I have absolutely NO idea where he got this. Typically it is all stored in cabinets and he didn’t get the roll from the dispenser. When Moe gets home they both have some  ‘splaning to do!

4 Responses

  1. Once upon a time when I was distributing a 24-pack from Sams Club, I left one cabinet door a bit ajar. Chase destroyed 11 rolls of TP, including dragging it out into the yard through the dog door. Cardigans like TP and cell phones!

  2. Don’t look at me. I stopped eating toilet paper years ago.

  3. Yup, our new puppy Nick has rolled out two rolls this week. He loves TP, cardboard, and wicker – not necessarily in that order.

  4. Ahh yes, wicker is high on Sage’s list too!

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