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Fruit Dog

Sage is a “new and different model” in many ways from the cardigans we’ve had in the past. One of his novel personality traits is his unadulterated love of fruit! This dog will turn down meat and bones in favor of an apple slice!

We happen to have an orange tree in our yard. Today we were squeezing the juice from a huge crop and had oranges all over the place. I brought in a big bag of them, set them on the floor and started slicing them for Moe, who was doing the juicing. Naturally Sage was watching every move and continually bumping my leg lightly with his nose to let me know that he’d appreciate a sample.

With two of us the juicing didn’t take long. But when we were finished we noticed that Sage had vanished! That was a surprise…or was it? As usual, he’d taken his prize off to the stairs to play with it.

And, as Gramma Carolyn points out, it is a “ball,” an edible ball!  Doesn’t get better than that!



2 Responses

  1. It’s a ball! Don’t you know?

    Yes, sister Kady is my “new model” in a couple of ways. When I used the post title last week I really meant that she does a decent stay so I can pose her places to take pictures. But Tom took it as meaning she’s quite different from the other family members.

  2. Funny, I actually was thinking that both meanings for the “new model” applied in Kady’s case: a dog who can pose, as well as some different personality traits.

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