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Checking in on ForPaws Rescues

Recently we’ve received some great photos of a few of the dogs that ForPaws Corgi Rescue has placed in past years.

In 2003 this very young puppy, a corgi mix, arrived right here in my area in California. He was just a fur ball, with a happy and sweet disposition. He was adopted by a wonderful gentleman and it has been a “boy and his dog” from that day forward. Here’s Cooper, as he was when we first saw him.

And here’s Cooper today – still a happy, bouncy fur ball! Now he’s eight years old and remains a constant companion to his owner. He is as beautiful inside, as he is on the outside. His owner has done a wonderful job of socializing and training Cooper. He is a dog that can go anywhere, making friends with everyone he meets!

Next comes Ziggy! Truly, one of the most beautiful fluff-coats I’ve ever seen. Adopted in 2008, the Zig man lives in New York where he is doted upon by his human parents and known by many in the neighborhood as a wonderful Corgi Ambassador.

Two years after adopting Ziggy, his people added this lovely little Pembroke Princess, Dolly, to the household. The two are wonderful companions.

We are so pleased to receive updates and photos like these. Seeing the dogs in their wonderful homes is the greatest gift a rescuer can receive! Thank you to those who’ve opened their hearts and homes to make such a difference for these lovely dogs!


Denali’s Easter Colors

At 6:30AM Denali was very excited about going to today’s Rally competition in Vallejo. We hit the road, got there just in time to set up and see the rain start. Yes, it was an outdoor course on very long, very wet/muddy grass. Little miss FancyPants was NOT happy about having to “sit” and “down” in those conditions. Her motivation/scores definitely suffered, but she persevered.

Here is her “nice face” in front of her plastic-wrapped campsite.

And here’s how she REALLY feels about this whole deal!

In spite of the ongoing showers…

she did manage to bring home some nice Easter Colors! Good job Rally Girl!

Rare Milanoese Sheep for Easter

Thanks to a friend who is working hard today to make an entire flock, I discovered a new breed of sheep!

Combine marshmellows, a couple of cookies…

some frosting and M&M’s and you’ve got…

Milano Sheep! (Now all we need is a minature corgi to herd them!)

This just in – a photo of the entire flock, including the rare, blue-eyed Milanoese Sheep!


Sage – Spinal X-rays (a few updates)

For those following Carolyn’s post about the IVDD seminar, you may be interested in seeing these:

Here are Sage’s spinal x-rays. They show preliminary degradation (calcification of the vertebrae and some leakage of the disc fluid). X-rays are not terribly definitive.

When you look at the largest vertebrae just above the black spot you can see some cloudiness at the lower edge. This is the disc material beginning to leak out. You can also see that there is a little more solid white color on each side of this vertebrae connection here, as well as on the vertebrae to the left. This is calcification of the bone. For now, these are the two vertebrae most affected, though there is a third one just beginning to show signs of calcification.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Important note: While these x-rays do show degradation, they are not necessarily an indicator that this dog will have a major problem in the future. He may never experience a traumatic episode in which a disc ruptures and leaks fluid into the spinal column, but it is certainly good to know that he exhibits weakness in this area and is something we will be watching as he ages. Carolyn’s posting regarding the information presented at the Cardigan Nationals IVDD seminar is very enlightening.

Common sense dictates that Sage isn’t a candidate for agility or other repetitive jumping situation, but we choose to allow him to live his life and enjoy it. Now, at age 2.5 years, he is a typical active, exuberant boy. For now he has no symptoms that would indicate that his back is abnormal in any way. Fingers crossed that it stays that way! (As mentioned in the comments section, we discovered this issue completely by accident. We were looking for something else, not a back problem, when these x-rays were taken.)

Common sense also dictates that the use of steps and ramps for Sage isn’t a bad idea. We have both and we like the products below very much. They work well for our situation and the extra wide treads on these steps really work much better for a long-backed dog.

This is the step that we got for Sage. There is also a 3-step version for higher furniture. The two-step is good for a sofa-height, and the three step works for a bed. This is a PetCo product and can be found online here. This is the link for the three-step version.

We also found a great folding ramp. It is light, but sturdy and not terribly pricey! It is also very portable.

First Time in the Ring!

Today marked Sage’s first venture into the obedience ring! A Rally workshop at Cal State U. Hayward.

His biggest challenge wasn’t the Rally exercises, it was his fear of the other dogs and new things – issues that have haunted him from puppyhood, in spite of ongoing socialization. We have been taking it slow and giving him manageable challenges for awhile now. In the past couple months he’s shown increased maturity and is doing much better in the presence of other dogs, showing good focus in training. From the time he was a teeny puppy his work ethic has been awesome and he learns super fast!

Today’s goal: Socialization in an outdoor obedience show environment. The result: He did an awesome job! Handled being around the other dogs far better than anticipated. Had this been a real trial he’d have gotten his first Rally Novice leg and a pretty good score! ┬áThe ongoing obedience classes are paying off! (Of course, giving him a chance to grow up helped a LOT!)

This was a REALLY BIG day for Sage!

If Sage was a Puppet…

If someone made a puppet, based on Sage

it might look kind of like…THIS!

(Click to Enlarge pictures)

Sure enough, someone made a Sage-like puppet. It performs at a local zoo and made the front page of the entertainment section of the newspaper last week!

Dog Daze

Sunday afternoon just doesn’t get any better. It’s stopped raining, the sun is out. Gardening is done and now…

Dog Days of Summer come early!

What’re you lookin’ at?