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Happy 8th Birthday Denali!

It is really hard to believe that our beautiful little girl is eight years old. Confident and grounded  she is a dog that can go anywhere, a lovely ambassador for the breed.

Over the years she’s learned a lot. She has come a long way. Just how far was evident when I started looking back. Taking a walk down memory lane, here are some high points.

Seriously, does a 14-week-old puppy get any cuter? (Oh no…I am not at all prejudiced!)

How about now? Is she adorable, or what?

Are you starting to get a feel for her personality?
How about now?

Think she knows how to express herself? It certainly seemed that way to her big brother, Bart!  He was instrumental in raising her from the time she was 12 weeks old for her first five years. Below, Denali gives us her best Arrrooo, while Bart gives his customary kisses.

Now we’re at 16 weeks. OK yes, she is EVEN cuter!

The only thing cuter than one puppy is two! Denali shares her beloved wading pool with her litter brother, Dakota.

By this time we’d figured out that we’d gotten the little Wild Woman in the litter. This look, perfected at just 16 weeks of age, saved her life during her “teen” years!

It took two other dogs, and two people to even begin to keep Denali occupied. In addition to Bart, her mentor and pack leader, she had a “pack” of her own in her little sister, Elbee. Four years older than Denali, Elbee was thrilled to have a buddy and was very happy to award Denali the female alpha status. They were fast friends for the next seven years until we lost Elbee to kidney failure just before her 13th birthday.

One afternoon, while I was working on the computer, these two girls were working on a project of their own.

And just like all classic hoodlums, they chose to return to the scene of the crime!

Dog beds were not the only things that didn’t survive Denali’s puppyhood!

She celebrated her first birthday with two of her litter brothers, Max (tan points) and Dakota.

A BIG part of Denali’s life revolves around her toys. Like diamonds, a girl can never have too many in her opinion.

Today’s Birthday Gifts!

By the time she was eighteen months old, there was no denying that she was going to have a beautiful Glamour Coat!

Bart remained a pivotal influence for Denali. He was an awesome model and Denali made sure that he didn’t take life too seriously. They were strongly bonded throughout the course of Denali’s first five years. When we lost Bart at the age of nearly 17 years, Denali was ready to become the alpha dog she’d always wanted to be.

The other most important “man” in Denali’s life has been her human dad, Moe. Truth be told, she is his favorite! Can you tell?

Getting older means getting fuzzier!

AND no less amusing!

At age four, a new chapter opened for Denali. With the passing of her CGC Test, her competitive obedience training was initiated.

We trained for quite awhile. As a “newbie” to this, it took me awhile to realize that Denali was completely bored with formal obedience. Repetitive heeling just wasn’t her thing. She was too quick to learn and needed more mental stimulation. A switch to Rally obedience changed everything!

She earned her first of many Blue Ribbons, and a few treats, with the completion of her Rally Novice Title.

Along the way, she celebrated more birthdays.

And more Rally placements of all colors. This great photo was taken by Gadabout Photos during her RAE Title leg.

At our Training Club banquet, Denali celebrated the award of her RAE Title.

In January 2011 Denali attended her first CWC Specialty Show in southern California, completing leg #9 of her RAE2.

A couple weeks later, she got her RAE2 Title!

Meeting up with friends and family at various dog shows was part of the fun! Corgis on a Table at one of the Vallejo Shows! (From left: Denali, Captain (Sage’s litter brother), Watson, Fig (Sage’s litter brother), and Duncan, Denali’s maternal Grandfather.)

In addition to running around on the Rally course, Denali is a big-time squirrel chaser. Just as we were considering a transition to agility, Denali severely dislocated her toe while chasing a squirrel! Sigh! Limited jumping in her future, but she can still do formal obedience…yay!

Her brother Dakota came to visit while she was in the healing process!

Over the years, Denali has received many wonderful gifts. One of the biggest was the one she got in 2008 – a little boy puppy of her very own! Welcome Sage!

Raising Sage has been a great life lesson. It allowed Denali to become the grounded role model and confident alpha dog she has always wanted to be. The relationship brought out the best in both dogs.

They couldn’t be better friends! (Photo below taken today.)

The first eight years have been pretty good ones for this wonderful girl!  She has been an incredible gift! (Thank you again Carolyn & Mandy!)

November 2009 after her first Rally competition in Napa.

Taken today 6/2/11

Happy 8th Birthday C-Myste Denali RAE2, CGC –  and to all of your SUV/Truck littermates!

Here’s wishing you all many more!


8 Responses

  1. Ok – I got a little misty eyed… 🙂 Happy Birthday beautiful Denali girl!! 🙂 We love you! 🙂

  2. Happy B-Day, Denali! May you have many, many more!

  3. Sigh…I know. Seems more like a couple of years ago, rather than eight, that we were together celebrating our “new” puppies together! What a wealth of joy they’ve been for us Traci! Big hugs to sweet ‘Kota!

  4. Happy birthday to the well-adjusted big girl — hard to believe the crazy puppy turned out this way.

  5. Funny how continuing socialization and training pays off! Like so many people, when I first got a dog I originally thought that this was only something necessary for puppies…duh! Adopting Bart quickly gave me a reality check there!

    Denali is a textbook example of just how much that ongoing guidance buys! Make no mistake, she still has the spunk that defines her, but she now has manners and world wisdom that give her the confidence and grounding she was lacking as a young dog. Not to mention that she knows that the Ultimate Alpha is ME! 🙂

  6. I still remember my “universal donor” litter. Yep, trying to make my blue girl and what do I get? Six Black Puppies. Not that I don’t LOVE black puppies!
    ‘Cuz what can I say, they were gorgeous black puppies. And smart!

  7. Well I am very happy to know not only Denali but the entire family. What a great way to meet friends. Happy birthday from the North Bay

  8. What a sweet tribute! Happy birthday, Denali!!!!

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