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A Weekend of Firsts!

Last Thursday Denali and I set off for the Lost Coast (Ferndale, CA), home of the splendid giant redwood forests and site of the Lost Coast Kennel Club Dog Show. Other members of our Cardigan Family were there too, camping at the show site fairgrounds. Denali showed in Rally while her “relatives” were there for conformation. This was the first time Denali and I have been able to do a “Family Meet Up” and it was a lot of fun!

Denali’s “Gramma Carolyn” brought Uncle Huxley – we LOVE the Hux!

And the two Wild Young Things, Kady and Audrey!

Sage’s beautiful blue brother, Cappy, came with his people, Trenton and Denise. As did his look-alike brother, Hiro, from the second Hannah/Wally litter. Hiro was accompanied by his “parents,” Jamie & Catherine, and his canine grandma, Phoebe.

Cappy, ready to go into the show ring.

The Rally experience:

Generally I don’t enter my black, fluff-coated dog in outdoor events in the summer time. Within seconds she melts like the Wicked Witch of the West when she’s in direct sun. But Ferndale is far north and only five miles from the coast. Typically at this time of year the dense cloud cover hangs in, keeping temps in the high 50’s and low 60’s – perfect Rally weather! Plus, Rally is always early in the morning – oops, not at this show. Show times both days 1:00PM…ugg!

The first day, Friday, proved to be an abnormally sunny day – sigh. My black dog melted, her performances were uninspired, to put it mildly. She did qualify, getting her RAE3, leg #2, but it wasn’t pretty and she didn’t have a good time at all.

Fortunately, Saturday was a better day! Amidst  cloudy, cool and windy conditions she was back to being the Rally Dog I recognized. As her Fan Club (Carolyn, Tom, Jamie & Catherine) shivered in the gallery, she not only qualified for leg #3, but she laid down the gauntlet!  The first dog to run the course in Adv-B, she scored her First Perfect 100 and the First Place finish! As we passed the Finish station our adoring fans burst into loud applause that could be heard clear across the ring!

Denali goes Blue! Nice job Rally Dog!

As you can see by visiting Carolyn’s FB page, Kady had her own Good Day on Saturday, which made things even better! Congratulations Kady!

Topped off with a late afternoon visit to the Loleta Cheese Factory, a score of freshly-picked garden greens from a local stand, and the efforts of our grill masters, our excellent campsite dinner was just the thing to complete the day. (Thank you again to all the chefs! And sign me up for the lemon-infused olive oil!)

After the cardigans showed on Sunday we headed for home.

Carolyn with Kady

Catherine with Audrey

On the way we experienced another first as we traveled the entire 31-mile distance of the Avenue of the Giants, home to some of the most spectacular redwood forests imaginable.

Although dogs are not allowed on the official trails, we had no trouble finding a beautiful cove to explore.

Denali was fascinated!

And dwarfed!

Oh look, this one is short, like me. What’s this green stuff?

Not a first, but always exciting when the San Francisco Bay is clear and you can see to the top of the majestic towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Last, but certainly not least…as we were driving down fwy 280 in Woodside I looked up and saw a small plane heading right toward us, only about 100 feet off the ground. It was pretty obvious that the plane was planning to land on the freeway! Had I been thirty seconds slower, I’d have been in the wrong place at the wrong time! I kept looking in my rear view mirror for signs of a crash, but saw none.

In the end, the plane managed to land safely on the other side of the freeway. Here is the news report: 

This is a video that someone took just after the landing. This definitely qualifies as a first, and I hope the last, time a plane buzzes quite so closely over my head!

We’re happy to be home for the 4th. Someone really missed us!

Happy Fireworks everyone!


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  1. Wow!! That sounds like a fun and exciting weekend. 🙂 Congratulations to you and Denali.

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