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Happy 1st Birthday – Morgan’s Puppies!

This week ForPaws Corgi Rescue celebrates some very BIG birthdays!

Over the years we’ve seldom had puppies in rescue, let alone puppies whelped while in foster care! Last year on July 25th our pregnant mom, Morgan, delivered a litter of pups while in the care of our wonderful foster person, Denise. Denise became “grandma” to six beautiful Pembroke puppies, who are now officially “dogs.” All six of them, and mama Morgan, found incredibly wonderful homes! This week we celebrate their first birthday and take a look at some pictures from their first year. Each posting will look at a different puppy.

Typically we wouldn’t place littermates together as they tend to bond too closely to one another and not as much to their people. In this first case we made an exception. Dodge was the “omega dog” in the litter and he gained a lot of confidence by remaining with his sister, Viola, who is a benevolent alpha. It has proven to be a winning combination!

Now in Colorado with two human parents who couldn’t possibly love them more, these two dogs have a life to envy! They go everywhere, do everything and celebrate all occasions as if there is no tomorrow!

Naturally their first birthday meant a BIG party! Family and friends gathered for a wonderful celebration. Way cool party! It is really hard to tell where the human cake ends and the doggie cakes begin – they all look delicious!

And of course, it isn’t a party without decorations!

Looking back, here they are at 8 weeks of age. Dodge on the left, Viola on the right.

From that to this! Aren’t they lovely!

Doggie cupcakes – not for human consumption – yum!

Yes, this is a birthday cake! Awesome, huh?

These two have always loved one another. The bond has grown as they’ve matured.

As I said, they celebrate all the holidays. New toys for Valentine’s Day!

Doggie Easter Baskets. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. You check it out first Vi and I’ll watch!”

When Dodge was really little he found his “security spot” in his toy box.

But things got complicated when that darn toy box kept getting smaller!

Shopping…what girl doesn’t like shopping. Could Viola’s grin be any bigger?

From the time she was little Viola has been a Daddy’s girl.

Likewise, Dodge isn’t shy about cuddling up to his human Mom!

Beautiful Big Dogs!Notes from their Mom:

Dodge and Viola….their first year-

Dodge and Viola have done great transitioning to our home!  Viola is a complete sweetheart, and has really helped Dodge to build his confidence.  He is our teddy bear, while she is Miss Independent.  They love each other a whole bunch and play together nicely.  In their first year, Dodge and Viola have met family and friends, graduated from puppy kindergarten, celebrated all of the major holidays, played in the Colorado snow, shopped at Petsmart, were spayed and neutered, went to their first parade, strut their stuff in the Take a Bow Wow pet modeling contest, went to the dog park, and they just celebrated their first birthday with a fabulous party. They enjoy playing together, cuddle time with us, and going for walks every day…they are healthy, happy dogs.  We really, really love them and are proud to be their parents!


And many thanks to the people who’ve made life wonderful for these two lovely dogs!