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Thanks to Morgan!

Here is the Star of the Puppy Show, Miss Morgan, upon arrival in foster care in June 2010. 

We thought she was gorgeous! (And still do!)

Beautiful markings, a really pretty face, and a personality to match!

Sadly, she was a little on the roly poly side. We knew what we were getting into and were just hoping there wouldn’t be 10+ puppies!

This photo was taken on July 3, 2010 – no real question about what’s coming!

On July 25, 2010 they arrived – all seven of them!

Morgan proved to be an excellent mother, taking good care of her kids.

The little piglets on their first day in the big new world.

Here are our very first individual pictures. At this point they didn’t have names, they were just numbers, assigned in birth order. Ultimately they were all named for towns/cities in Kansas, as they were born near Wichita, KS.

Puppy #1 – Logan (renamed, Bogart (Bogey for short)) – male

Puppy #2 – Abilene (Abi) – female

Puppy #3 – Dodge – male

Puppy #4 – Atticus – male

Puppy #5 – Viola – female

Puppy #6 – Kismet – female

Puppy #7 – Lucas – male

At four days of age, they’ve already changed and grown! It is astonishing how they morph in every 24-hour-period. You’ll notice that there are only six puppies in this picture. Sadly, puppy #4 never seemed to thrive and was the smallest at birth. Something just wasn’t right from the start. He didn’t gain weight and in spite of continued efforts with tube feeding, he just couldn’t make it. We were really heartbroken to lose him. We remember you well Atticus!

Morgan didn’t leave them and was really good about feedings. She was protective and proud of her little family, but she did allow her foster mom to handle the pups without objection.

Morgan stayed in foster care to recover from whelping the puppies. Here she is with her figure almost back to normal.

Ultimately she found her forever home. This is a current photo, taken by her new mom, who tells us that Morgan doesn’t much care to pose for pictures. She always pins her ears back.

Morgan’s mom writes:

Well, Hello everyone,

I have been negligent in sending photos and I do apologize. The problem is that Miss Morgan will not keep her ears up when the camera clicks. She ducks before the shutter can capture her.

 Anyway, She is doing perfectly for me and is my shadow.I thought she was lonely so I adopted a male Corgi for her. His name is Hunter and he is 5 yrs old. Well, she could care less! She has put him in his place and he is making sure that whatever he does is ok with her first. They are so funny together. She will play with him when they are in the house together alone, but not in front of me.

 These photos are not great but you will see, my children are doing fine. They are my life!

Well Morgan – you’re the center of the doggie universe for your new mom! You are one lucky girl and we appreciate all you went through to get here! Thank you for giving us such lovely children. May you enjoy a long and happy life!