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Next puppy…Mini Me!

Even if I didn’t know, it would be a no-brainer to figure out that these two dogs are related! The first picture is Kismet, all grown up! Compare her to the second photo of her mom, Morgan.

Gee, do you think they’re related? Here’s Morgan, you make the comparison!

But she didn’t always look quite like this. Here’s how Kissie started out at the age of 10 weeks. Do you notice the gleam in her eye?

How about now? Think she’s a spunky puppy? From the beginning this little girl had no compunction about making her feelings known and going after what she wanted – with gusto! Here she play-bows to “Aunt Molly,” tying to convince her that the game is on.

Will Molly play with her, or just teach this little upstart a lesson? We will find out tomorrow in Kismet, Chapter 2.

(Today is my birthday and my blogging time is limited! Stay tuned for more tomorrow!)