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Another BHT Puppy!

This litter was a nice mix of color, with two little black-headed-tricolored males. All were named for cities/towns in Kansas and our two BHT boys were Logan and Lucas. You’ve met Logan (Bogey), now here’s the other boy, Lucas! Just as handsome and just as sweet, he’s shown here as a twelve-week-old pup, with his litter sister, Viola.

Destined to be our Travelin’ Man, this little fellow’s theme song should be “I Get Around.” His parents love to take road trips and Lucas shares their enthusiasm. As part of his birthday celebration, this lucky dog is getting a grand tour! When he’s not on the road with his wonderful mom & dad, Lucas makes his home in Arizona where he’s got scenic vistas like this available when he’s ready to take a hike. This breath-taking picture was actually taken on Lucas’ first hike with his new family! No it isn’t a backdrop – it’s the real deal! Welcome home Lucas!

Along the way, Lucas visited his namesake town.

And was there at the right time of year to capture a great Christmas Card photo!

Another new discovery – snow!

This little canine vagabond has a wonderful set of wheels, allowing the family to go anywhere and take their home along.

Riding in style, he doesn’t miss much.

Of course, stopping to smell the roses is always a good idea!

Modeling his beautiful coat which contrasts so nicely with his surroundings. Hasn’t he grown into a gorgeous dog!

Of course, when you’re surrounded by the Grand Canyon it’s even easier to show off a handsome coat!

Hiking at Bright Angel Point in the Grand Canyon with his mom.

Switching gears – here’s Lucas on the shoreline of the Oregon coast. Yup – he definitely gets around!

But his travels haven’t stopped him from being all puppy during this first year. Nothing better than a plastic bottle from time to time.

Unless it’s the new rope toy that he got for his first birthday.

Or a great romp in a green meadow!

But when it’s time to celebrate your first birthday, the best thing a dog can have is a wonderful family like the one Lucas found…oh, and a great cake!

His parents said:

Here are few shots of Lucas on his birthday trip to the Northwest. He’s been on the road for five weeks now advising Mommy and Daddy what to photograph and paint while visiting Bryce National Park, the Oregon Coast, Portland, The Columbia Gorge, and Olympic National Park. We will wind up back on the north rim of the Grand Canyon on the first of the month, and then home for a few weeks before possibly heading to New Mexico.

Hope everyone is doing well and we’ll be sending more along as Lucas winds up his First Birthday Tour.

Take care and Happy Birthday to all the kiddies.

Happy Birthday Lucas – and many Happy Trails ahead for you and your family! We will definitely look forward to more pictures, as they’re available!


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  1. Lucas is such a handsome boy! He sure is getting to see a lot of the U.S.A. Good for him! Looks like you are providing a wonderful home, thanks for sharing pictures!!! From Dodge and Viola’s parents

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