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Here’s Abi! (Last 1-Year Pupper Update)

Adorable Abi! (Abilene) is our sixth, and last, puppy to be featured in honor of her first Birthday!

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

From a sweet puppy to a beautiful young lady, Abi is an outdoors gal! Now living in the beauty of eastern Montana, she and her human dad, her B.F.F., get out and about!  As you can see, this girl loves to have fun – and a little dirt won’t spoil her good time!

Don’t get me wrong. She knows the value of creature comforts too. When she’s inside she has plenty of cozy places to rest, and plenty of time to explore.

And when she’s ready to play, she has plenty of canine companions who will happily honor the invitation!

It helps to have a friend who can double as a snow plow when you’ve got short legs!

The lab is one of Abi’s best buddies and they’re constant companions. When you’re both laying down, it’s easy to see eye-to-eye.

For her birthday Abi was treated to a week of camping and hiking. Beautiful scenery, accompanied by her family and friends with free reign to explore. Does it get any better than this?

Obviously Abi has become an accomplished hiker!

I am not sure what is more beautiful – the incredible countryside, or the happy look on Abi’s face as she poses with her dad?

Abi’s dad says:

Here are some pictures from Abi’s first birthday trip into the mountains with at least one or two of these photos on her actual birthday. We had gone to a forest service lookout tower back in May for 3 nights – but this was her first ~real camping trip. She does get out for little hikes regularly in the badlands near where  we live.  We live in the prairies of eastern Montana so it was nice to get her in the mountains. 

For her birthday I am taking Abi camping with friends from Utah and two dogs in the mountains of southwestern Montana for five nights including her birthday! She will enjoy mountain lakes, short hikes and hopefully camping. She is doing great, is a complete sweetheart to all people, and loves all dogs. I clearly made the right choice. She plays with dogs nearly every day, including a corgi three doors away.

Truly, Abi has a spectacular home! We are so grateful to her dad for giving Abi such a wonderful place to spend her life.


Each of these puppies ended up in a home that any dog would be thrilled to find. And we couldn’t be more thrilled for them! We very seldom see corgi puppies in rescue. The breed is popular and still more rare than many in the U.S. When we do have puppies, there is always a lot of interest. We have only had this situation three times in fourteen years and this is the only litter of purebred corgis to actually be whelped in rescue.

As a result, we tend to screen at least ten applications for every puppy that we place. We try to find the home that is as close to perfect as it can be for each puppy, based on its individual personality. We get a lot of wonderful applicants and making the placement decisions isn’t easy. We spend a lot of time considering what seems best for each puppy.

So when we see these sweet little puppies grown into beautiful big dogs, each clearly so well-situated…well, that’s why we spend the hours. It’s all worth it when we get pictures like this:

Abi, with her little pink blanket, and the perfect pillow!

Thank you everyone for a VERY good year! 

(And many more to come!)


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  1. Abi, you pretty girl! You look like a female version of our Dodgey boy! What a great home you have as well! Thanks for sharing photos! Colleen and David (Dodge and Vi’s parents)

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