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Thomas – Day 2 After Surgery – Chapter 3

Today was day number two after surgery. Our little guy continues to heal very well and has been such a good patient.

The morning report from Thomas’ attending vet student:

Thomas is doing well today. They did blood work and will probably pull the IV and catheter if all looks good. They’re paying special attention to the thyroid results to make sure it is functioning properly. They also checked his abdominal fluid and will pull that drain today if all things are progressing well. They will stop the IV pain meds and put him on oral meds for pain today too. His progress is really good!

His vet again mentioned that Thomas is a complete sweetie. He is an easy patient, very compliant. When they need to check his incisions he just rolls over for them. (But we knew what a little gem he was going in!) Still, it is really nice to hear that his temperament has impressed his medical team! And we’re pretty impressed with them too!

Pictures from today:

Sigh…the E-collar, not a dog’s best friend – but so necessary in this case. 

As of this morning he still had all kinds of tubes attached.

And his belly is packed with gauze.

Ouch! Of course he’s very swollen. Given the multiple procedures, no wonder!

Ahh…this feels better – ice packs for the neck, belly, and pellet-removal incisions.

OK, now this is more like it. By afternoon the drainage tubes and catheter were out. Much more comfortable and out for a little walk with the medical team. Thomas thinks, “Whoa…all this attention just for me!  I LIKE it!”

Seriously, you all came out here just to see me do THIS? (Yup, that’s right!)

Of course, there was some time for petting and attention, which is what Thomas is all about!

This evening’s report from the medical staff:

Thomas continues to do well. The IV catheter and drain tube is out. He is urinating pretty well on his own. Looks promising for a complete recovery, but we won’t know till some of the swelling has gone down. Right now, he’s on track. His thyroid is low/normal so they will keep an eye on that. If he continues to do as well as he has these past couple of days, we’re expecting that Thomas will be able to come “home” to his foster mom on Monday or Tuesday!

Keep those healing vibes coming in! Clearly, they’re helping this great little guy!

BTW, in a previous comment someone asked about donating on behalf of Thomas. As we mentioned previously, the incredible CorgiAid, Inc foundation is paying his medical bills. If you wish to donate to CorgiAid, Inc. on behalf of Thomas, please visit their website to do so. And be sure to indicate that this is in support of Thomas!

We will also look into whether the veterinary hospital will accept donations directly in order to help offset some of Thomas’ costs and post more about it when we see if that is an option!

In the meantime, thank you to all of you who’ve sent well-wishes! We SO appreciate it! (And huge thanks to those who’ve sent the photos! It is great to be able to see what’s happening for those of us who are miles away, but keeping Thomas in our hearts!)

Good night Thomas – we will check on you tomorrow!


8 Responses

  1. It’s hard to believe he can actually get up and around so soon after all that work. I hope he continues to improve and do well!

  2. So glad he’s doing so well!!!!!

    A *major* THANK YOU!!!! to all who are taking such good care of him!

    Thank you, Kathy, for posting the updates! 🙂

  3. What a little trooper, glad things look optimistic!

  4. Good job Thomas! Here’s hoping you continue to improve and go home soon.

  5. Scritches for Thomas and hugs for his medical team! What an incredible story…thank you all, and thanks for keeping us in the loop about what’s going on with Thomas—definitely we’re glad he can ‘pee-mail’!
    Karen in TN

  6. I love this. What a sweet face! Thank you Denise and Kathy and everyone at ForPaws for taking such good care of this boy.

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