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Age 3 – Still a Puppy!

Here he is – my Big Puppy – all grown up! Hard to believe that the little bundle I held in my arms at the age of ten weeks is suddenly three years old!

Here’s what he looked like when he first arrived – age ten weeks:

Even with the duct tape crown he was still adorable – and made the cutest little puppy talking noises, some of which he continues to this day.
Always ready to play, he’s keeps Denali busy (which is a good thing!)

Notice his pale coat color. Sage is one of two clear red (pink) dogs in this litter. He was a surprise, as we didn’t know that both parents carried the recessive red gene until he arrived. At birth he was completely white. At ten weeks, he was a very light cream color. His “pink” coloring came in gradually and has continued to darken for his first three years.

Look at the difference today: Now we know he’s a pink merle.

As an interior architect and designer, I appreciate good design. Clearly Sage inherited the need to modify his environment from me.

If he was still a puppy, I’d say that he just hasn’t outgrown the chewing stage. But now that he’s three years old, and officially an “Adult,” (did you hear that Sage?) I have to say that he’s simply “restructuring his living space to suit his personal tastes.” These pictures were taken about a month ago.

Really – don’t you like it? I call it “Collage de Used to be Your Magazine.”

Renovating your space takes a lot of time and energy. Always nice to park at the foot of the bed with your best friend for an afternoon nap.

And when its time to go outside, nothing is cooler than a great pair of shades, man! Doggles are the Bomb!What, you think he’s funny…oh yes! He’s the funniest, sweetest little boy dog ever. And regardless of age, he will always be our adorable puppy!

C-Myste, Baledwr, SN Redwood Sunrise RN (Sage)

Happy 3rd Birthday Sage – and to all the littermates in the Tree Litter!


5 Responses

  1. Good puppy, even better dog.

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful boy!

  3. Happy Barkday Sage — from all the cousins in Albuquerque.

  4. Happy birthday, my pretty pink grandson 🙂

  5. Sage and I share the same bday…as does my Harley Dean..not sure when he was really born…he was a shelter rescue….I enjoy your pictures and watching Sage grow up 🙂

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