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Fun at Woofstock – Vallejo, CA

Today at the Woofstock Dog Show in Vallejo, CA was a pretty good time. More tie dyed items than you’ve seen since 1969 (assuming you were around to see them then!)

 There were some similarities, but wait…this time there were also more dogs wearing tie dyed clothing than you’ve probably seen anywhere else!

Today’s show was a pretty big deal for one member of our Cardigan Family. Sage’s littermate, Captain (Cappy) was awarded his Grand Championship today!

Big Congratulations to Cappy, and to his owner/handler, Trenton!

I liked this – Harvey’s handler giving Cappy a congratulatory treat!

G-CH C-Myste Baledwr Whomping Willow

What a gorgeous fellow! He keeps getting better and better!

Another treat for the day: Amber brought Rosie (Hannah/Wally 2 Litter) to meet us. She looks like Sage with a black coat instead of a pink one – beautiful! And what a personality! She thought everyone at the show had come JUST to see her!

And it wouldn’t really be Woofstock without:



Raining like Cats and…

This past Thursday Denali and I were scheduled to make a 1.5 hour drive up to Vallejo to attend a dog show (attempting RAE3, leg #1). Departure time was to have been 6AM, putting us in the middle of the Bay Area Rush Hour traffic.

The weather forecast – one of the worst storms to be seen in some years was to start dumping rain and gusting up to 65 mph winds on some of the bridges, just about the time we’d be on the road. We have to cross the Carquinez Bridge to get there. I’ve crossed this bridge in “weather” before and it felt almost like being in the Dorothy’s spinning house in the eye of the tornado.

As much as I’d like to have been at the show, I opted not to make the trip. By 8:00AM, as I watched the rain pour and the wind whip it in sheets, I was glad I wasn’t out there. The news article below verified my decision. Of course, those in Santa Cruz viewed it as a water sport opportunity!

Click to enlarge

Below are photos of the creek that runs next to our house. Normally this is a small stream, averaging about twelve to eighteen inches deep and six feet wide. You can see the bottom of the channel as it trickles along, barely moving. On Thursday it was more like fifteen feet deep, filling the channel which is about 35 feet wide. It was rushing at such a high speed that it made a thundering noise, audible from inside the house.

And it’s not stopping. Today another storm started around 4AM. Again we were slated to go to Vallejo. Again, we passed. Again, I was glad when it was still raining steadily at 8AM.

Perhaps Denali and I should be learning to surf instead!

Corgi Line Up for Rally!

This weekend Denali was entered in two Rally trials, one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday morning. The first thing we saw when we arrived on Saturday was this great license plate – on an Element, naturally!

The next thing we saw was that this Rally trial was to be seriously dominated by the corgi lineup! We’ve never had more than two other corgis in a trial with us and typically they’re not cardigans. (Denali does have a crush on Charlie, Barbara Miller’s sweet fellow however!) Check out the scoresheet. All weekend the two cardigans ended up within one point of each other. Yesterday Denali had the edge, today it was flipped. And perhaps with good reason – they’re both C-Myste dogs!

To my surprise the handsome brindle fellow with the big smile was Sage’s Uncle Galen (CH-C-MysteBaledwr G’Day Terratote RE HT CDX). He made the trip all the way from Lodi, CA to get his RE title this weekend and it was a treat to see him!

Here’s Galen with his mom.

Denali captured legs #7 and #8 in her quest toward the RAE2, scoring in the 90’s in all classes, but just missing out on placements. Overall, I was very pleased with her, particularly after having had her tooth pulled on Tuesday. She recovered quickly and hasn’t seemed bothered by it.

In true Denali fashion, she did cause a bit of a stir when she got out of her crate (I’d neglected to zip it all the way up after giving her a drink.), scampered around the edge of the ring, through the cafe area, and right up to me where she promptly brushed my leg to let me know of her arrival.

I was on the other side of the ring talking to another one of the corgi folks. From her crate so she covered a lot of ground very quickly, with two of my rally friends in hot pursuit, as well as one of the ring stewards. But I didn’t see any of that. When I looked down to see what had just brushed my leg, I saw this black blur, then her happy face announcing just how pleased she was to have found me.

Just as I realized that it was my dog, the stressed out ring steward caught up to us. Panting a bit she said, “Do you know whose dog this is?” Uhh, yes… it’s mine! Just then my friend showed up with Denali’s leash and she was escorted back to her crate. I popped her back in and she immediately turned around and plopped down with her back to the me, clearly displeased to have lost her freedom. That’s Denali for you – I just love that dog!

Rally Novice Title! (And a Blue Ribbon!)

An awesome day for Denali! She was a little gem in the ring!
(Unfortunately the person taking pictures was using my camera and didn’t know how to turn off the flash, so we got really poor photos. Most were too dark, and this one makes it look like I sat in chalk dust…very odd!)

Today we had a judge who was a stickler for a tight leash. She even made a point of announcing that fact just before our class showed. And, the course had a lot of right turns – just the place where Denali lags and pulls the leash!
But today, she did a fantastic job! As we left the ring, other exhibitors on all sides were saying “That was beautiful,” and “I think you got 100!”

There were only two dogs showing after us, and I was still talking to people who were admiring Denali when one of my obedience club friends rushed up exclaiming, “You won!” As she did yesterday, Denali smiled and looked disgustingly adorable to her admiring public, soaking up the compliments (and the liver treats).
The tight leash was a factor, costing us one point, but no one had a perfect score. So, with a score of 99, Denali finished in the Blue Ribbon spot today. Whoohooo!!
AND, this was her third leg, so she earned her Rally Novice title.
She’s now officially:
C-Myste Denali, RN, CGC

(Looks like another title holder for the C-Myste “Parade” Carolyn!)

And many thanks to Denali’s brother, ‘Kota, who sent good luck wishes for today. I am sure they made a difference! Hugs to you ‘Kota!

EXCITING TIMES at the CWCAA National Specialty!!

The annual Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty show took past during this past week/weekend. Below are photos showing the massive collection of ribbons awarded to some of Sage’s relatives. This was a VERY exciting show for a number of our Cardi Friends. 
(Yes, I lifted the pictures from Carolyn and Shelly, but I doubt either will mind!)

Sage’s maternal grandmother, Alice, received an Award of Merit. Alice’s progeny, Chase, Molly, Libby and Pilot attended too. Collectively, they take home a snow storm of ribbons! And then where was Shelly’s “Dolly,” who scored BIG! She’ll tell you all about it on her blog (see link below).

To get the full story, visit the blogs associated with those owned by these lovely Cardigans!
(Sage & Denali’s Breeder)

Penni (Chase’s mom)
Shelly (Libby’s mom & breeder of Dolly – a Big Winner!)

Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show – Jan.24-25, San Francisco, CA

If you can only attend one dog show, and you live in California, this is the one to see. It is one of the few “benched” shows still in existence.  This is also a Blue Ribbon Show. Any dog entered for conformation judging must have won a Blue Ribbon under a previous judge.

At a benched show, all of the entered dogs are on exhibit when they’re not in the show ring being judged. They’re available for the public to meet all day long, along with their owners/breeders who can tell you all about the breed. It is a great opportunity to see some unusual dogs, and meet some wonderful ones. 

There are actually two shows in this same location over the course of the weekend. They’re called “back-to-back” shows, so you get to see a Best in Show chosen at the end of each day!
If you’re not familiar with what goes on at a Dog Show, here’s a great overview so you’ll Know Before you Go!

There are also some very important rules of Dog Show Etiquette:

Dogs that are accustomed to shows are generally well-socialized with other dogs and have good manners with people. However, in the interests of courtesy and edification …

  1. Always ask before petting.
  2. Always approach the dog from the front.
  3. Make a fist and extend your hand for sniffing before you pet. Make sure your hands are clean.
  4. Keep food out of reach. (Children carrying snacks or wearing ice cream are likely to get licked.)
  5. Don’t block the entrance to the show rings.
  6. Wait until after the class to ask questions and pet the dog.
  7. Children in strollers are at face level with large dogs, so watch out for quick tongues and bruising tails.
  8. Visit the education booth for information about purebred dogs, dog shows, performance events, etc.
  9. Leave your pet at home; unentered dogs are not allowed on the grounds.

Here’s the show information – slanted toward the Corgi People and Obedience People out there, but pertinent to all breed lovers!

Golden Gate Kennel Club Show

There are 1419 dogs entered in the 1/24/09 show .The number before each Breed (Variety) indicates the number of dogs entered in that Breed (Variety). The numbers following each Breed (Variety) indicate the number of Regular Class Dogs, Regular Class Bitches, Best of Breed (Variety) (Dogs-Bitches), and Non-Regular Class Dogs or Bitches.

Breakdown – Corgis – Same for Saturday & Sunday Shows

25 Pembroke Welsh Corgis 6-14(3-2)0

7 Cardigan Welsh Corgis 3-3(1-0)0

Links for complete information – Saturday Show

Saturday Show Information

Saturday Judging Program (Breeds and times)

Saturday – Conformation Judging – Corgis

B-LE 25 Pembroke Welsh Corgis 5 8:30AM

B-LE 7 Cardigan Welsh Corgis 5 9:45AM

Obedience Judging – Saturday – Main Hall

# Entries/Class/Ring#/Time

3 Obedience Trial Classes Novice A 20 8:30

9 Obedience Trial Classes Novice B 20 9:00

7 Obedience Trial Classes Open B 8 10:00

7 Obedience Trial Classes Open A 8 11:00

5 Obedience Trial Classes Utility B 8 12:45

4 Obedience Trial Classes Utility A 8 1:30

Links for Complete Information – Sunday Show

Sunday Show Information

Sunday – Judging Program (Breeds and times)

Sunday – Conformation Judging – Corgis

B-LE 25 Pembroke Welsh Corgis 22 9:45AM

B-LE 7 Cardigan Welsh Corgis Ring22 2:15PM

Obedience Judging – Sunday – Main Hall

# Entries/Class/Ring#/Time

2 Obedience Trial Classes Novice A 20 8:30

9 Obedience Trial Classes Novice B 20 9:00

9 Obedience Trial Classes Open B 8 10:00

8 Obedience Trial Classes Open A 8 11:10

5 Obedience Trial Classes Utility B 8 1:00

4 Obedience Trial Classes Utility A 8 1:45

Have a Great Time!