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More Pupper Updates! (Logan)

Who is this little cutie? Yep, another one of the Morgan puppies. This is Logan, shown here at 10 weeks of age.

He was a strikingly handsome puppy with a textbook-perfect sweet and happy temperament. We thought he was a doll as a puppy and he just kept getting better as he matured! Here’s Logan (renamed Bogart, a.k.a. Bogey) at a year of age!

Not surprisingly, this wonderful guy was the first to be snatched up when it came time to find homes. Bogey didn’t have far to go to find his new family – he lives next door to his littermate, Kismet. The two are B.F.F. and play together almost every day.

But Kismet isn’t Bogey’s only playmate. He also has a canine big sister, Pandy, another adopted ForPaws Rescue dog.

In addition to Pandy, Bogey has another very special friend! Show me a dog that isn’t thrilled to have his very own Little Girl!

Not to mention a coveted spot in the easy chair!

And the most coveted spot of all!

Bogey’s first Fall season was a time to grow, explore and learn all about his new world.

He soon learned that there are creatures in the vertical world too – pesky ones!

Now an excellent squirrel dog, he spends hours keeping an eye out for these interlopers in his yard.

He takes his job very seriously. Clearly the photographer is interrupting his concentration. The look says it all.

But its definitely not all work for this beautiful boy, as his perpetual smile indicates.

Bogey’s mom says:

Bogey has had a great first year. He has many playmates, including Kismet, his litter sister. He gets along well with Bossy Pandy, his live-in sister, mainly because of his sweet disposition. He can go to visit his foster mom, Denise, whenever he wants, as we share connecting yards. He loves his walks and rides in the car. As you can see by the pictures, he is infatuated with squirrels.

He is very, very sweet! He’s grown into a large corgi and is extremely handsome. We love having him as part of our family.

Happy Birthday to all of the littermates!

Happy Birthday Bogey!

Many thanks to your family for giving you such a wonderful year. Here’s wishing you many more!


More on Kismet

In answer to the question – OH YES, Aunt Molly was only too happy to play with tiny Kismet. Molly was a rescue in foster care during Kismet’s youngest puppy days. The two were fast friends and Molly seemed to think that Kissie was her puppy. She taught the youngster a lot before ultimately finding her own wonderful forever home.

So cute at 10 weeks of age.

Deceptively adorable! From the beginning Kismet was definitely the spark in the litter. No question as to the identity of  the Alpha Princess in this group!

She started out as one of the three really tiny newborns. For the first 3-5 days we were really worried about them. They had to be tube fed. Kismet’s foster mom said: ” Kismet was only a few days old the first time she really fought me when I was putting the tube down her. I knew at that point that she would live. I wondered how I was going to give her up.”

By the time she was 5 months old she’d become as striking as Morgan, her lovely Mom, and was busy making it clear to all of her housemates that she was boss.

Her brother Logan (Bogey) went to live next door. He was the first puppy to find his new home. Luckily for Kismet, Bogey remains a ready and willing play partner. They have connecting yards and play with each other just about every day.

Her other black-headed brother, Lucas, was also a willing play buddy.  Here they are on an adventure together not long before he departed for his forever home.

All in all, life was pretty darn good in her foster home. Kissie got to go swimming with some of the in-residence members of her foster family.
She got to play by the pool in the big backyard.

Certainly she has never suffered for lack of toys, or the inability to make a toy out of just about anything.

She has wonderful places to walk.

And run…

Playmates who know all the best places to nap.

And one who will swim in the pool along with her! (Myrtle, you’re a gem!)

They all know that Kissie must be the Center of Attention – sometimes literally!

She celebrated Christmas in a proper style.

Along the way she grew into this beautiful girl!

Oh she is still plenty full of herself!

And, as you’ve probably guessed, there was no need for Kissie to go anywhere to find it. She was already in the Perfect Home! Her mom, Denise, says:

“I really didn’t admit to myself, or anyone else that I wanted to keep her. But at age six months, when we’d been unable to find just the right home to handle her strong personality, I knew I’d become VERY attached to her and decided to adopt her myself.”

Denise goes on to say:

“Kis is a spitfire. She is a smart and busy girl. She enjoys going to training class to demonstrate behaviors as my demo dog. She loves having all of the other dogs in the house to play with and gets along with everyone. She is the presiding Princess. I LOVE her tail. It is so expressive. You can really tell what she’s thinking by her tail. Having her brother Bogey next door is wonderful. With a houseful of older dogs, having someone her own age with whom to play makes having a rambunctious pup much easier.

Kis is a fun pup to raise. As she grew she was always the smallest puppy with the biggest attitude. I knew she would be a challenge, but I like a challenge.”

Kismet is definitely the Princess of the litter. As this recent pictures shows, she is a very HAPPY princess. Definitely right at home in her own back yard! Welcome Home Kismet, we’re delighted to have you as part of the family!

Pupper Update #19 – Checking in on Morgan & Pups

The puppies are now 14 weeks old. Dodge and Viola went home together and are they ever a happy pair! Normally we wouldn’t place littermates together, but in this case Dodge derives a lot of confidence by having a confident, but benevolent female companion like Viola, so it works out well for them. They got an awesome home and their new parents are thrilled with them. 
Logan continues to thrive in his new home too. He was the first to leave the group. Since he lives nearby, he gets to visit his foster mom often! And Abilene (Abi) went home the day before Dodge and Viola. She found her perfect match – we were so happy for her!
Viola and Dodge’s parents have taken a lot of photos of their new babies and have generously shared them.
Viola isn’t exactly thrilled with her wellness visit, 
but the vet sure thinks she’s cute!
Dodge was equally nonplussed – nice ears!
OK, so we were good for the vet visit. Can we go now?
Viola is much happier now that she’s home with dad! 
This is the sweetest puppy!
And there’s always housekeeping to be done!
Meanwhile Lucas and Kismet are still looking for that just-right home. Lucas was SO close, but things didn’t work out at the 11th hour. And Kismet absolutely must have someone with experience raising a spunky, strong-willed corgi!
Kismet is maturing into an absolutely gorgeous girl.
She is one of the two girls that got to keep her full tail!
As expected, Lucas is a very handsome little guy. Definitely the flashy one in the litter. Now that he’s getting older he is also getting bolder.
No longer the quiet slightly shy fellow, he’s now in full-tilt puppy mode examining his world with gusto!
As mom watches, Kissie and Lucas are working on their own version of pumpkin carving.
Fingers crossed that Kismet, Lucas and Momma Morgan all find the right homes for the holidays!

Pupper Update #18 – Ears Up!

At ten weeks of age most of our ForPaws puppies now have real “corgi” ears! They look a lot more like little corgis now…cute!
Logan – has been adopted

 Kismet – still looking for that just-right home with that person who loves a spunky Princess!
 Lucas – We expect to finalize his adoption very soon.
Viola – has been adopted! She’s definitely a “pick” puppy from a temperament standpoint. Her new people are getting a wonderful girl!
Abi – Well, one ear is up and she’s working on the other – which will be taped if it doesn’t happen soon. This lovely lady has found a wonderful new home!
Dodge – We think we have the perfect home for him!
And he is working on those ears!

Adoption information can be found on the ForPaws Corgi Rescue website

Pupper Update #17 – Ready for Adoption!

Pembroke Puppies – READY TO GO HOME! As of now, we have four of the original six available. Logan and, hopefully Dodge,  already have great new homes!  We are also looking for just the right home for their mother, Morgan.

Their story: When a small private breeder fell victim to the recession, lost his job and could no longer keep his seven nice Pembrokes, they were surrendered to rescue. We took a pregnant female, Morgan, whose puppies were born while she was in foster care.  Morgan, and the sire both both have lovely temperaments. Their offspring appear to be chips off the ol’ block in that department! 

Here are the puppies (and their mom) looking for just the right place!  Ideally, we are looking for corgi-experienced homes in which children are minimally age 16, no more than two existing dogs, and no cats. To be considered, please apply through ForPaws Corgi Rescue.

(Litter birthdate: July 25, 2010)

Kismet – a.k.a. Spunkiest one in the litter!
This little girl needs an experienced owner who can keep up – and definitely a job to do! She’s the smallest puppy with the biggest personality! Smart, happy and ready to to rock, Kissie would be
a great candidate for a performance home. She would love to be an obedience, rally or agility dog!


 Lucas – the sweetest little boy ever!

A Classic Pembroke Teddy Bear, Lucas is confident, happy, active and affectionate – the textbook male Pem!


Viola – the “softer” female.

Sweet, sweet sweet! This is the “easiest” female, but she is definitely still a Pembroke Princess. She’s got enough spunk to boss a lab around and would love to have a buddy and plenty of activities to occupy her active mind! A really nice, well-grounded girl, Viola will make a great companion!


Abilene (Abi) – the other alpha female (HAS BEEN ADOPTED!)

Not quite as much spunk as Kismet, this confident, sweet girl would also be happy with a nice male companion who was content to be her “pack.” Also a dog for a corgi-experienced owner, this smart, busy girl and needs to be stimulated mentally and physically. Another good candidate for a performance home!

Morgan – adult female (mom to puppies)
Morgan has a temperament similar to Abi’s. She is not as much of an alpha female as Kismet, but she does like to call the shots in the pack. Morgan gets along well with other dogs, but should not be paired with another dominant dog, nor with cats.
She is smart, confident and affectionate – a really nice companion for someone who understands that classic female Pembroke temperament.

Pupper Update #16 – Good Housekeeping

Oh yea…they’re eight weeks old, and ready to rock the world – 
puppy style!
In this case, that means a little help around the house!
We’ll just tidy up these newspapers for our foster mom.
She didn’t really want them in that bin did she Dodge? 
Nope, don’t think so.  Good work getting the last of ’em Lucas.
Yumm…these are actually quite tasty Logan! 
And I like that crunchy noise they make when I chew on ’em.
And if you don’t want to work on the newspapers, can we interest you in a nice box?
She called it “dog earred” Abi. It doesn’t look anything like our ears!
If you need help around your house, one of these puppies might be just the thing! We’re now officially looking for just the right corgi-experienced home for each one of these nice puppies!  If you have experience in raising, training and properly socializing a young corgi, and are interested in adopting, submit your application to ForPaws Corgi Rescue. (Experienced corgi owners only, please.)

Pupper Update #15 – Six Weeks Old!

Dodge & Viola
Dodge chewing on Logan
Abi & Aunt Molly.  Molly is looking for her forever home too. In the meantime, she is proving to be a wonderful babysitter!

Morgan and the kids