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Help find a Lost (stolen?) Corgi-x in Fresno, CA Area!!!

Lost dog. May have been stolen from owner’s yard in Sanger, CA (Fresno foothills).

ForPaws Corgi Rescue has been made aware of a young corgi-x puppy that was lost (possibly stolen from owner’s yard) on Sept. 16, 2012. The dog is a corgi/border collie mix, but it looks like a purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi. In the off-chance that someone might try to turn the dog into a Corgi Rescuer or to sell it, I am publicizing this information. The owner is devastated. This is a “heart dog” for her. Please be on the lookout. The dog’s face is very distinctive and she is easily identifiable.

Anyone with information can e-mail: Info@Forpaws.org

NOTE: No questions asked: We just want the dog back to its owner!

The owner has set up a blog with background information and a picture of the dog. Please share the link with as many people as you can.


Anyone with information should e-mail: <info@forpaws.org>

Basic Information

Name: “Macy”

Breed: Corgi/Border Collie mix (looks a LOT like a purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

Gender: Female

Age: approximately 4.5 months at time of disappearance

Weight: approximately 8-10 pounds at time of disappearance (she will be approximately 25 pounds as a mature adult)

Microchip: None

Distinctive markings: Face is half black and half white with distinctive tan “eyebrow” markings and tan markings at the sides of her face. She has short legs and a long tail with a white tip.

Notes: This dog is a puppy. She has not been spayed. She is very friendly and responds to her name, “Macy.”

Location last seen: (6977 Live Oak Dr, Sanger, CA 93657-9071 – owner’s yard)

Date of disappearance: September 16, 2012

Map showing location where dog was last seen:



Rescue Updates – Ruben got a GREAT Home!

Once in a blue moon we see a nice Cardigan Welsh Corgi like this in rescue. Last year this handsome teenage boy found his forever home, just in time for the holidays. Ruben found the home that every dog dreams about.

While these folks had had corgis previously, this is the first Cardigan and they’re thrilled with his happy, sweet, energetic temperament. There could be some performance awards in Ruben’s future, based on the nice update we just got from his mom (below). HUGE thanks to Ruben’s new family for giving him such a wonderful home!

Ruben’s mom said:

I hope this little note finds you both well. Just wanted to give you the latest update on Reuben. He is a STAR** pupil and graduated from beginner training class with flying colors! He can now sit, stay, leave it, roll over, shake and come when asked. We are working on heel at the moment and he is doing extremely well. I also took him to a local dog training and day care facility where they offer agility training. When the weather cooperates (spring) we will be embarking on some fun things.

He is just such a wonderful and SMART dog and I just love him to pieces!!! Its off to Pet Smart today…..Reuben just loves the “TREAT” isle!!! Thank you both again so much!!!

Give all the dogs big hugs and kisses from me and Reuben. I have also attached one of my favorite pictures of him.

The Best Gifts

Every year ForPaws Corgi Rescue receives numerous Christmas cards from the owners of dogs we’ve placed in new homes. They always remind us that each of these homes has been an incredible gift for the dog involved.  There’s nothing better for a rescuer than seeing these dogs go from rags to riches.

One of the most extreme stories is that of Scooter, an incredibly sweet male Pembroke whose owners said they “couldn’t do a thing with him” (couldn’t get him to respond to their commands) and ended up leaving him outside 24/7 for an extended period of time. Ultimately they took him to a shelter where the rescue coordinator knew that he needed someone who “got corgis” and contacted ForPaws.

By that time Scooter had gained an incredible amount of weight, due to the poor quality food and lack of exercise. The muscles in his rear legs had atrophied. Evidently he just sat on the porch step all day, asking to be let into the house. His regular veterinary maintenance had been sadly neglected for quite some time. He was in need of intensive care.

Over an extended period Scooter lost weight and regained his health. By the time he found his new home he was well on his way to being the dog he was meant to be. His new parents made the eight-hour-drive from Southern California to get him and it was love at first sight for all involved. Scooter’s new home could not have been more perfect for him!

Recently we got a Christmas card with this photo of Scooter.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have recognized him! He’s gone on to lose more weight and his multiple daily walks have re-established his muscle tone and aerobic fitness. Oh…and the report of “not being able to do a thing with him” couldn’t have been more wrong. This sweet dog will do anything to please and adores everyone he meets!

For Scooter it couldn’t have been a better holiday season!

Thank you to his new parents and all those involved who made it possible for Scooter to have the home of his dreams!

Another ForPaws Dog goes Home for Thanksgiving!

Last Saturday Lada, our nice Cardigan Welsh Corgi girl made the trip to her new home, just in time to get to know her new family for Thanksgiving.

Today it was Pepper’s turn to fly! If she looks happy, it is because she is.


Unfortunately we don’t have a photo, but if the telephone report is any indication her new family was smiling just as enthusiastically when they picked Pep up at the airport!

Happy Homecoming ladies! Have a great Thanksgiving and a happy, healthy life!

Needed – A Home for a young Cardigan Boy!


Available for adoption. Fostered in Wichita, Kansas.

Currently ForPaws Corgi Rescue has this handsome 17-month-old Cardigan boy available. He is neutered and up-to-date on his vaccinations, heartworm negative.

He is a typical teenager – full of energy, happy, affectionate and in need of all of the typical training and socialization that goes with raising a nice young Cardigan. He gets along with other dogs, plays well and understands the cues. Being a teenage boy, he’s a bit full of himself and would not work with an alpha male dog. He has not been cat tested. We also would not place him in a situation with young children, as he’s pretty rambunctious.

Ideally, we would love to find a “cardi person” for Romeo. Another female corgi, or dog of similar size, as a companion would be wonderful. Any new owner should plan on basic obedience training and continued socialization for Romeo.

With the holidays coming, there are always more dogs in rescue and we’re really overloaded right now. If you’re aware of anyone who might be right for this boy, please send him our way.

Interested and qualified parties should submit an application through ForPaws Corgi Rescue.

Please help find Romeo a wonderful new home for Christmas! (Thanksgiving would be even better!)

Thomas – On the Road Again Soon – Chapter 7

Thomas has come a LONG way since that first day when he arrived in rescue and got to play in the snow. When he first arrived he weighed quite a bit more, but that sweet happy character came shining through!

Now, with some serious surgery under his belt Thomas continues to do well with recuperation. But he’s got one more round to go. Next week he goes back to Kansas State Veterinary Hospital to have the remaining bit of skin cancer, that they weren’t able to get previously, removed.Currently the plan is for the surgery to be performed on Wednesday, October 12th and for Thomas to be ready to go home on Friday, October 14th. These are dates when the Blog Mistress will be out of town, so I may not be able to post until I return on October 19th.

We know that there are a lot of you out there pulling for Thomas! Please continue to send those good vibes to him and think special thoughts for him next week. I’ll update you on his status as soon as I return!

And remember – saving Thomas wouldn’t have been possible without those wonderful people at CorgiAid! Thank you Angels!

Home Needed for Lada! (Or even a Foster in SF Bay Area)

You’ve seen her before. This is Lada!

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Lada has been in foster care with ForPaws Corgi Rescue for awhile in order to get past a stubborn urinary infection. Her previous owner was hit hard financially so her veterinary care was overdue. Ultimately she realized she just wasn’t able to keep Lada, which broke hearts on both sides!

Right now we really need a home, or even a foster home, for Lada ASAP. We recently had another foster dog in the same home rupture a disc in her back. She will require an extended period of care and crate rest and Lada is WAY too playful to have around while we’re trying to keep our patient quiet for the next couple of months.

Now this spunky girl is 100% healthy and ready to rock a new home! We’re on the hunt for the perfect place for her. She is a very affectionate girl, a velcro dog looking for Her Person.

A REALLY nice Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a textbook Cardi female personality, Lada loves to be Queen, but isn’t overwhelming about it. She gets along with other dogs, but will do best as an only dog, or with a male corgi who clearly understands that he is #2 in the pack order.

Lada is a pretty dog and has actually lost a little more weight than shown in these photos. She came in to foster care quite heavy and has done well on her diet.

She’s a lovely brown brindle girl. We were told she is somewhere between eight to ten years of age, but have a hard time believing it. We have no way of knowing her actual age. Our vet puts her around 7-8 years.

Lada is as active as any five to six year old dog, extremely playful and ready to go for a walk or ride in the car at all times. She’s been fully vetted, is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on preventative for heartworm and fleas. A true corgi, she loves a good belly rub and isn’t hesitant to ask.

She also loves, loves, loves to play with a tennis ball!

Unlike many corgis, Lada will “fetch.” She wants you to continue to interact with her and throw the ball again. It is all about being a companion to her person for this dog.

We mean it when we say “active.” Lada also loves to swim and will hop in the pool the moment she’s invited.

She’s become quite good at the dry cycle too!  Just remember to step back while you watch!

And she can multi-task with the best of them, fetch while swimming!

We are looking for a corgi-experienced home with folks who understand what makes a happy Cardigan Welsh Corgi tick and time to spend with her during the day. This is a dog that prefers human companionship to that of other dogs. We can’t put her in a situation in which she will spend the majority of her hours at home alone during the day. An retired couple or someone who works from home would be ideal for her!

She would love to be an only dog, which has been her situation up to now. But she will adapt to sharing space with another submissive pack member. She will do best if she is allowed to be the alpha dog. She is confident, slightly pushy, but not difficult to manage for those who “get” the corgi temperament.

Lada has had some basic obedience training, is house trained, leash trained, crate trained. She has excellent house manners and can be left indoors without issues. She is gregarious, and while she’s affectionate toward all people, she’d be too much dog for a young child, as she likes to bounce, jump and run and would definitely want to take a ball away from a toddler. We’re looking for an all-adult home, or a home in which children are at minimum age 12 or older.

If you know anyone who might be interested, or who could fill in as a temporary foster person in the interim, please ask them to e-mail Kathy@ForPaws.org (Serious inquiries from corgi-experienced and knowledgeable parties located in the Bay Area only please.)